Brewer and Palin on border security

4 responses to “Brewer and Palin on border security

  • roxannadanna

    During this same conference with Palin, Brewer called Obama “the commie-in-chief” and I was stunned the first time I heard it on Fox news. I’ve looked all over for that clip and can’t find it.

    I cannot find it.

    I think that the liberal media does not want to take that issue on and that’s the reason that part of the clip is nowhere to be found.

    • steve

      Hey Roxy;
      I just posted something where Jan Brewer called Obama the “comic-in-chief”. Maybe that’s what you’re thinking about. She did a ‘bang-up’ job on the speech!

      • roxannadanna

        ah ha! thank you for clearing that up for me… darnit! LOL I was really hoping she HAD called him a commie!
        I listened to your post and thanks!

  • steve

    Jan Brewer is really a class act! Two thumbs up for the little lady!

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