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Iranium the movie – 56 terrifying minutes

This is going to be available for free online viewing for a limited time.  If you have not seen it and have an hour to spare, it’s worth watching.

I held my new grandson and rocked him while I watched this. There are no effective words for how terrifying this is to our future and his. I grew up with the fear of the cold war.  It was nothing as horrific as this could be.

It’s our worst nightmare.

Hey! Guess what! Barbie’s naked under that Burka!

I get reeeeally nasty when someone starts messing with Barbie. You might remember last spring when this Eldridge guy in West Virginia tried to ban Barbie sales in his state. It even made news in the UK.

I wrote him a snarky letter calling him out for the imbecile he is. I’m a taxpayer, a private citizen, a voter and a consumer so I can call folks like him out. The president on the other hand, should be presidential and not be calling out folks or doing shout-outs during a terrorist attack at an army post, for that matter.

As usual, I digress…  back to Barbie.

How dare someone do this to Barbie? Here’s the deal, some guy in this article says that all little girls should have the Barbie that best reflects her vision of womanhood… or something stupid like that.

Barbie is the original icon of Western culture. Why would any Islamist who detests the West and it’s decadent societies, allow their little girls to play with a Barbie in the first place? Even if she is dressed in a burka, she’s not the kind of doll any orthodox Muslim would be letting their little girl play with.

from The Daily Mail

As a huge Barbie fan, I”m offended. Barbie does not represent submission and inferiority of womanhood. She does not represent the invisiblity that Muslims designate their women to.

She is a stand up gal! And she’s American!

And futhermore, under that burka, Barbie’s naked!!!