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S’mores with Hugo Chavez and Peter Joesph

I’ve been consumed with family matters for the last 2 weeks and little time to do much more than check my email, which has been slightly peppered with comments about a person and cult that I really didn’t have a lot of interest in, and post a couple of replies to said blog. One thing I’ve discovered about this cult is that a little attention goes miles for them.

Seriously now, who am I to be bothering with? My opinion is really non-consequential in the scheme of their Utopian plans. And yet, they kept coming back to try clarify their ‘movement’ to an audience that really doesn’t care and views them as a bunch of wacky folks. And a great deal of their clarifications is nothing more than babbling. I’ve read their posts and aside from calling me a coward and basically unenlightened, nothing they say makes a whole lot of sense.

Does anyone really believe that we can have a borderless world? Every nation will open it’s borders and we will have free range humans, everywhere? We will become a global nation with no currency and only barter for trade?

Oh, come on. (insert rolley eyed emoticon here.)

I wonder if my neighbor will take a pot of my homemade spaghetti sauce in trade for a couple hours of using his chainsaw to trim my mesquite tree? Honestly, I look around my little room here as I type and wonder what in the world I have of value to anyone else to use as barter. These ‘things’ only hold value to me. Who’s going to take a box full of yarn in trade for a gallon of gas? Not my local corner gas station, I can assure you of that!

I can see Hugo Chavez and that guy in Iran whose name I can’t spell and don’t want to google right now (one radio guy calls him Imadon Inadinnerjacket, which works for me), giving up all their power so we can all sit together and roast marshmallows, can’t you?  And what would they use for barter? Oil for no money? Uranium for no guns? Just for the chance to eat s’mores and sing campfire songs with the whole wide world?

Oh, I think not.

The hard truth about life is this: Some people just won’t ever grow up. And they won’t ever go away, either.




From the wild and wacky world of a mass murderer

LOL… this is the guy who the media accused of having conservative leanings.

It’s a long video and probably more than you care to listen to  (although I found it pretty interesting) but the first 4 minutes are pretty damned enlightening:

The Venus Project

Jacque Fresco founder of the Venus Project

There is  no way any Conservative would have any of these beliefs, provided any one of us could even figure out what this guy really believes.

What is understandable is that he announces to his British audience that he is an American who “does not like my country.”  And he’s extremely anti-capitalist and anti-Christian.

The Venus Project is part of the Zeitgeist movement which Jarod Loughner’s high school friend says had a some influence on the mindset of the murderer. It’s an incredible cult with some really bizarre ideas – when you can sort any of them out.

Does anyone remember Marshall Applewhite, the founder of Heaven’s Gate cult?  It was located in California and all his members committed suicide in the hope of being taken to the mother ship that was hiding behind the Hale Bopp comet.

Heaven's Gate Founder Marshall Applewhite, aka Do

Am I alone in seeing a resemblance, sans the goatee?

Scary. . .

Just give ’em a pill? I can’t even do that anymore.

Agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration have been pushing harder to investigate cases of nursing-home staff giving powerful medications to patients without a doctor’s prescription. But if that sounds all well and good, some say it’s just the nub of a more-complicated situation.

Trade groups for nursing homes and hospice-care facilities say “patients have been left to ‘languish in pain’ while nursing homes and pharmacies try to find ways to comply with DEA regulations requiring physicians, in most cases, to write prescriptions,” the WSJ reports this morning. The industry groups are pushing for a change in the law and the issue will be taken up at a Senate hearing today.

The DEA has been ramping up efforts to fight prescription-drug abuse, which some experts say may surpass the abuse of illegal drugs, the article says. In nursing-home cases, DEA has been acting out of concern for patients, according to a letter to lawmakers in December from an assistant attorney general in the Justice Department, of which the DEA is part.

But the industry groups say long-term facilities can’t afford doctors to write every prescription. “DEA’s reliance on hard copy prescriptions and failure to acknowledge the role of nursing in long-term care and hospice place additional burdens on prescribers, pharmacists and nurses and can substantially delay and in some cases, impede access to appropriate pain medication,” industry backers said in a brief quoted by the WSJ.

Wall Street Journal

Well, Mr.TheOne, I can’t even do that anymore for my patients.

This is one of the newest and biggest dilemmas we face at work. We have many residents and patients who suffer from chronic pain due to numerous different disorders and diseases.  We are now hindered from alleviating their pain and suffering because of these new DEA regulations. The DEA is lying when they say that they are “acting out of concern for patients.” If that were true, they would not be putting this monsterous barrier up between us (the caregivers and physicians) and the suffering patient.

There is no rampant prescription drug abuse in nursing homes. Again, another lie. There are numerous checks and regulations already in place to prevent this.

What they are talking about is nurse’s either stealing drugs from patients or prescribing drugs without a doctor’s order. Yes, nurses do steal drugs. But in all my years as a nurse (this  year marks my 30th anniversary) I have only known of 2 nurses who did this. They were caught and punished.

No one, I repeat, no one writes orders for narcotics without express permission from a doctor. Anyone who does this will be without a job and likely, without a nursing license. But gone are the days when a VO (verbal order) or TO (telephone order) is accepted. I could call a doctor, explain the patient’s situation and  write an order for something. Then I would fax the order to our house pharmacy. The doctor comes in once a week and signs all his TO’s.

But no more.

Now someone has to go to the doctor’s office, have the doctor write a hard script (just like you’d get in the doctor’s office) which has to be taken or faxed to the pharmacy to be filled.  In our case, which I’m sure is not much different from other long term care facilities, the medications only arrive once a day – after 7pm. And no deliveries on weekends. These patients can go over 24 hours (or more if it’s a weekend) in pain, without medication. The only thing I can give a patient is Tylenol and not even Extra Strength Tylenol. For that I need a doctor’s order.

We have a locked emergency narcotic box that has almost anything the a doct0r would order: Lortab, Vicodin, Dilaudid, Percocet, etc. But we can no longer use it. I don’t know why the pharmacy doesn’t take it home because we cannot use it. Even with a hard script, we cannot use it. That hard script has to go through a pharmacy. We can’t use it in-house.

I’m caring for a patient right now who has terminal esophageal and mouth cancer, with a trach.  He can’t talk and communicates with pen and paper. He has a gastrostomy tube that he is fed and gets all his medications through. He is on Roxanol (liquid Morphine) every 2 hours. Roxanol comes in 30cc bottles or 1 oz. He gets 1cc every 2 hours. Do the math: he will be out of Roxanol in about 2 days. I ran out on Friday night.

Now, I can blame someone (other nurses) for not realizing that he would be out of his Roxanol and then not getting it ordered. But the real problem is that I cannot get him anymore morphine and that’s the problem I deal with – it does him or I no good to blame others. All I want to do is give the guy his medication.

How do I control the pain these people are suffering when I no longer have the tools to do so, when the DEA has taken away my ability to do my job? These are bureaucrats who look at paper: reports and summaries and have no contact with the real world and real patients who are making rules that simply do not and will not work.

And on the flip side of this: if a patient does not get his medication, the state will site US for neglect and abuse. And on the flip side of the flip side, it’s getting harder and harder to get doctors to sign on at nursing homes due to the Obama Medicare cuts. Things will not get better, thanks to TheOne’s medical Utopia.

Are you better off now than you were 16 months ago?

Everything old is new again. Remember this speech? It’s the most depressing things I’ve ever heard a president say.

Does it not describe well how things are and how we are feeling today?Are you better off, and I don’t mean that just financially, than you were 16 months ago? I believe that most Americans, and polls support this, feel that the America that we grew up in, is fast vanishing. The American dream is gone and being replaced with a phony Marxist Utopia. And most of us with thinking brains, worry about what our children and grandchildren will have to shoulder in the future.

From “Where were you when the republic died?”

In 1776, the American Republic boldly announced its birth with the Declaration of Independence. In 2010, it quietly expired with a declaration of dependence — on government, on entitlement, and on the Democratic party. Matt Patterson/American Thinker