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It’s a killer when the most popular Conservative is “fairly human”

Of course, “fairly human” by whose definition and compared to whom? The favorite sons of the left, Keith Olberman and Bill Mahr?

“I have a very bad back,” he [Glenn] says. “My doctor checked me out and said, ‘I don’t think I’ve seen anyone with less muscle tone than you.’ It’s true. I’m made of pudding.”

The author of this mostly “fairly fair” piece on Glenn Beck in USAToday, must have been astounded when he met Beck. A “fun-to-hang-out-with kinda guy”? A likable conservative?

Who’d a thunk it?

But in all seriousness, I learned a couple things about Beck that I didn’t know and a thing or 2 that I don’t like.

That being said, I think Beck does a great job as, in his words, “a pop culture commentator.”  I’m not sure why he describes himself like that considering that he spends his hour on Fox every day discussing history and politics. This is the man who was instrumental in the birth of the 9/12-Tea Party movement last year and sells out tickets to his appearances within hours.

A word from him sends an obscure history book to #1 on Amazon within hours.

I think most people would call him more than a pop culture commentator.

What he’s done to engage and educate Americans in the last year always seems to be ignored by those who write about him. I guess those writers are just too amazed that he’s actually a “likable guy,” to pay attention to the real big stuff that Beck’s accomplished.

You be the judge: Don’t judge Beck by his cover/USAToday