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You can leave. Really. We won’t stop you.

We really don’t need California.

  • Oranges can be grown in the southwest and southeast. My relatives grow them on their patios in Phoenix.
  • They can keep Disneyland. We have DisneyWorld and several of our states have 6 Flags. And hey! we have DOLLYWOOD!
  • Without the Socialist Republic of California, we still have plenty of beaches.
  • They can have Yosemite. We’ll still have Yellowstone and Glacier and lots of other great parks.
  • They can keep the 9th circuit. Those justices are goofy as hell!
  • Screw their golf courses. There are primo courses all over America and especially in Michigan.
  • Make the entertainment industry stay in Hollywood. We still have NYC (for the time being, that is. Trouble is they have Bloomberg and probably, Weiner next.)
  • We need border patrols because I’m sick and tired of them moving away from the government they hate and then make my states (AZ and NV) just like what they left.
  • We’ll be glad to take their goldfish, hamsters, dogs and cats.
  • They can keep their foreskins. Most of us don’t want our own, let alone theirs.
  • We have lots of room for all the refugee Conservatives and we’ll welcome them with open arms!

You have anything to add that I’ve forgotten, be my by guest adding in the comments.


My Book of the Month – Crimes Against Liberty – an absolute MUST read

If you read nothing else this year, make this your one book. David Limbaugh has written the definitive book  of this president and his administration and I’m sure that in the coming 2 years he will have more to add for a volume II.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it last week and now I can’t put it down. It’s a fast, easy read, full of information we have all forgotten (the never occurring but muchly bragged on so-called transparency of putting a bill online for 5 days so that the American people can read it) and information many of us never knew before (locking out 150 kindergartners from a White House tour because, due to heavy traffic, they arrived 10 minutes late. White House staffers claimed that their late entry would interfere with a scheduled meeting between TheOne and the Superbowl winning Pittsburgh Steelers.)

Limbaugh correctly claims that Obama is tone deaf to what Americans want and what they believe but he also apparently lacks the basic understanding of human emotions. In his speech when he signed the Freedom of the Press Act, he told reporters, “Obviously, the loss of Daniel Pearl was one of those moments that captured the world’s imagination because it reminded us of how valuable a free press is.”

A beheading that “captured the world’s imagination”? Is this a total disconnect or what? I read this in the first 35 pages of the book and was stunned. But Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) put it best:

. . .”No, Barack. It was horrifying. .  It had nothing to do with freedom of the press. They beheaded Daniel Pearl because he was an American and a Jew. They beheaded Daniel Pearl because they were Islamic radicals. Something you have not yet figured out.”

This book is a stunning indictment of the man whose sole purpose is to bring America to its knees and unless he is stopped on election day 2012, the damage very well might irreparable.

America is in a dangerously rapid nosedive under Obama’s navigation. The key to our delivery from this systematic assault is for the Americn people to understand Obama’s extremist agenda, to get engaged and to do everything we can to peaceably remove him and his supporters from office at election time and replace then with constitution- revering, liberty-lovering public servants who respect the rule of law.

No matter how bleak conditions look now, we have reason for optimism, as the American people, like no other people in world history, love and appreciate the liberty bestowed upon us by our foundeing fathers and preserved by the blood of our patriotic ancestors.

God bless America.

Get your hands on this book and read it. Arm yourself with the truth in order to disarm and dismantle Obama’s leftist machine. . . before it’s too late.

ObamaCare picking our doctor’s pockets of life saving treatments and technology

When my tumor (post and photo below this one) was first found, I discussed the use of the CyberKnife with a radiological oncologist (dontcha love these job titles?) and it was decided that it’s use or any other radiation therapy should be left in his pocket as a last resort treatment.  (I am lucky that this machine is available in Las Vegas.) Instead, I went on chemo therapy for 18 months, with no favorable results.

Now with ObamaCare, the government will pick the pockets of my doctors and the CyberKnife will not be available to me when and if it’s use would possibly be life saving.

Please read on:

This from Warner Todd Huston/BigGovernment.com

ObamaCare Will Kill Medical Technology

In 2008 Patrick Swayze was treated with an advanced medical tool called a “CyberKnife.” It helped add months to his life as he tried to beat the cancer that was consuming him. But, Swayze wasn’t the only American with the good fortune to have this highly advanced medical technology available to him. In fact, there are 100 such machines across the United States. From California, to Minnesota, to Illinois and Washington D.C. Americans currently have the luxury of these wonderful new devices.


Sadly, Britons are not so lucky. There are two CyberKnife machines in the Britain, but they aren’t going to do anyone in the country’s socialist healthcare system any good because despite how successful these machines are British authorities won’t allow them to be used on patients.

Despite that the Mount Vernon cancer hospital in London is part of the National Health Services, despite that they spent £3m to purchase the machine, and quite despite the praise the machines receive in the U.S. and throughout the world, British NHS authorities won’t let NHS doctors use the machine on their patients.

Sadly, these heartless, uncaring socialist healthcare officials are uninterested in helping the estimated 10,000 British patients a year that could benefit from use of the CyberKnife. And why is this? Why, it’s because the treatments are expensive, of course.

You see money is far, far more important to Britain’s socialist healthcare system then patients.

As I said above, the U.S. is lucky to have many of these machines on our shores. In fact we have 100 of the 150 machines world-wide, all available for anyone that needs them. But this happy situation will not survive the implementation of America’s own socialist healthcare system when it institutes its rationing rules as the English have done. Sooner rather than later advanced tools like the CyberKnife will be eschewed as too expensive by Obamacre bean counters and such advanced technology will dwindle and wither away despite the lives it could save.

This is what is meant when it is said that Obamacare features death panels. After all, a socialist healthcare system that won’t pay for advanced technology because it’s just too darn expensive — just as is happening right now in England — is a defacto death panel.

And don’t imagine that this is just hyperbole. The same situation exists in nearly every country that has the kind of socialist healthcare that Barack Obama wants to force on the U.S.A. That’s why so many foreigners come to the U.S. for their advanced treatments. After all, one has to understand that there is a reason that America has 100 of the 150 machines that exist in the world today.

It is true that Obamacare does not provide for death panels in its legislation. But it doesn’t have to when its price control measures and rationing will eliminate the sort of life saving tools that technology will bring us, technology that Obamacare will destroy.

Roxanna’s book club: you wanna join – it’s better than Oprah’s

I think – and my blogging is all about what I think – that people are angry because they are afraid. I think people are afraid because they’ve lost trust: trust in our valued institutions (banks, for instance), trust in our leaders (approval ratings of congress are at an all time low) and trust in each other (do we know we are going to still be employed 12 months from now?)

So we are angry because we’re afraid and afraid because we can no longer trust that the tried and true methods of dealing with the massive world changes are working.

In Joshua Cooper Ramo’s book “The Age of the Unthinkable” he talks about how we keep doing the same things (that worked in the past) to deal with events that are constantly changing. He says: “we’ve left our futures… in the hands of people whose single greatest characteristics is that they are bewildered by the present.” And that the “sum of their misconceptions has now produced a tragic paradox: policies designed to make us safer instead make the world more perilous.”

“History’s grandest war against terrorism, for instance, not only fails to eliminate terrorism, it creates more dangerous terrorism. Attempts to stop the spread of nuclear weapons instead encourage countries to accelerate their quest for an atom bomb.”

Here we are. Van Jones was forced to resign from his White House job because, fundamentally he is a communist and a person who believes that not only is white America deliberately polluting the poor (read that, black) neighborhoods in this country, but he believes that the American government was involved in the 9/11 murders of nearly 3000 people:

Now Jones is being sought after to speak at private high schools and given a job at Princeton.

The people’s response to this man in the White House – even if his office was in the basement behind a stack of storeage boxes – and thanks to men like Glenn Beck who put the spotlight on him, caused his weak-end (that is not a typo) sneaky departure.

But he’s like Superman: he can’t be killed. I mean that in the metaphorical sense, not the literal. In other words an idea can’t be stopped. His idea, wrong headed as it is, is that of American communism. And it seems that no matter what we do, we can’t kill the idea, we can’t stop the spread of this cancer in our collective system. People like him intend that the communism cancer is spread and becomes all consuming:

We got Jones out of a government position but he comes back stronger and more popular in another form and with a new function. We won one battle but the war drags on at another front.

This is just a minor example of the paradox that Ramo talks about in his book. But it’s the minor skirmishes that seem to bother me the most. If we can’t eradicate the minor things (like the Van Jones ideology) how do we ever think we can win the big ones (like a world safe from Al Qaeda?)

We won 2 world wars. There was a beginning and an end and the United States ended them. I’m in the old mindset that Ramo talks about: We are a good and right people and we can beat anything. But now, I am afraid that I can no longer trust that way of thinking.

Is it no longer enough to be good and right? And why isn’t it? The subtitle of his book is “Why the new world disorder constantly surprises us and what we can do about it.” Maybe by the time I finish it, I’ll have my answers and I’ll be less afraid.

Why the left is so afraid of the TEA Party

Most of us think that right on the heels of the Declaration of Independence came the greatest work of mankind, the Constitution: Thomas Jefferson closeted himself up after declaring the country separate and independent from Great Britain, and then wrote the Constitution.

Not so.

The Declaration of Independence was written over 10 years before the Constitution. The Founders tried a thing called the Articles of Confederation, first. It ended up not working out very well, or at least as many of the Founders believed.

It took a little known and little understood rebellion to bring about the birth of the Constitution. Daniel Shays, a farmhand who had fought in the Revolutionary War, at Bunker Hill and Lexington, came home to Massachusetts to find himself penniless, property-less and on his way to debtor’s prison due to back-breaking taxes and debt and no compensation for his military service. He also found that he was not alone in his suffering.

The long and short of it is that Shays was one of many Revolutionary War veterans and farmers who demanded redress from the government and the government retaliated by doing some really unconstitutional things like suspending habeas corpus – holding people in jail without trial – denying the right of assembly and confiscating property.

To be clear, these farmers didn’t want to topple a government. They just wanted a fair shake from the sheriffs, the courts and the government. To show they meant business, they would swoop in to villages and surround courthouses, menacing the law officials and the judges. Local officials were loath to call out a militia, knowing that they would likely desert rather than take up arms against the unhappy farmers and their former Revolutionary comrades-in-arms.

But make no mistake, this was not a bloodless revolt. Hundreds were killed and thousands thrown in jail.

This rebellion put a real fear in the ambassador to the Court of St. James, John Adams, whose cousin and great American Revolutionary leader, Samuel Adams, had a hand in suspending habeas corpus and wrote a Riot Act in Massachusetts. This particular act was similar to one in Great Britain that gave power to local officials to order crowds larger than twelve to disperse if they were deemed unlawful or riotous.  If the group failed to break up in a certain amount of time, they were held as guilty of a felony and the penalty, in Great Britain at least, was punishment by death.

George Washington

George Washington

George Washington, who had returned to his beloved Mount Vernon to once again be a gentleman farmer and landowner became alarmed at the news trickling down from the Northeast. “For God’s sake tell me what is the cause of all these commotions,” he implored a friend in the fall of 1787. Was it being promoted by the Tories to cause unrest and discontent or, he wondered, were these real grievances by the citizens that required just attention from the government? The most worrisome part of this all, for Washington, was the appearance to the Brits and Europeans that America could not govern itself.

Far from all this in Paris was Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson didn’t seem to be as alarmed as his revolutionary comrades were. To Abigail Adams, he wrote “I like a little rebellion now and then. It’s like a storm in the atmosphere.” Of course, he didn’t favor a bloody rebellion but he feared repression and tyranny more. Jefferson believed that a better educated citizenry and the free exchange of ideas was the path for a great republic. He believed in a free press and said that he’d rather have newspapers and no government than a government without newspapers.

The Jefferson Memorial

The Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson could not be too alarmed, yet at least, at the rebellions in Massachusetts because after all,  they had ALL been rebels and revolutionaries, and only a short time ago. That year – 1787 – with constant correspondence between John and Abigail (in London) and himself, he kept the same steady line with the Adamses that “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.”

At 81, Ben Franklin was at home in Philadelphia, overseeing the addition to his house, spending time at the city’s public library which he had established, enjoying his grandchildren and visiting with friends at the American Philosophical Society, which he helped found. He would soon be called back into service when the 2nd Continental Congress would meet again and establish for all time, the Constitution of the United States of America.

Ben’s brother, James, the editor of the New England Courant was thrown into jail when Ben was 16. At that time, Ben wrote that there is “no such thing as publick Liberty, without Freedom of Speech which is the right of every Man, as far as by it, he does not hurt or control the Right of another.” He believed that the overthrow of a nation will only begin with the subduing of free speech and a free press.

James Madison

James Madison

Enter the Father of Federalism, James Madison, Father of the Constitution; the Bill of Rights; an author of the Federalist Papers (which is still acknowledged as the most important commentary on the Constitution); a Founding Father of the United States of America; as Secretary of State for Jefferson, he would be instrumental in the Louisiana Purchase which would double the size of the nation and he would become the 4th president of the United States. His ingenious three-branch federal system with its checks and balances was the basis for the Constitution that we have today. Madison, like Jefferson and Washington, was a Virginian and like both men, he would leave the presidency poorer than when he entered it. This man alone could take up volumes of blog for me. Suffice it to say that this was the intellectual hero who rode into Philadelphia, in 1787 and was instrumental in creating the true and sustaining great nation that the United States of America would become.

And the catalyst to this Constitutional Convention of great thinkers and Founders, which produced the most magnificent document of all mankind was a little known, little understood grassroots rebellion in Massachusetts. To be clear, there were other things, aside from the Shay’s Rebellion that were happening at the same time and were weighing heavily on creating a “more perfect union” and that called together such great minds as those mentioned: high tariffs, a financial depression, non-uniform currency, to name a few.

But in the subconscious of the modern day Leftist,  grassroots uprisings like the TEA Parties strike fear in their hearts (if any have hearts) of a 222 year old rebellion that was the lightening rod for the Founders and the foundation of the greatest nation known to man.

Yes, they should be afraid.