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Hey Leftists! come explain your piggish ways!

After the One Nation rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. How disrespectful of a hallowed monument. What pigs! (from the Patriot Post)

Trash Cops: the new Conquestadores. The Aztecs had it right.

Remember this SuperBowl ad?

Probably the most memorable ad ever, at least for me, next to this one:

But I digress.

The trash police are now a reality in many cities across the country. Micro chips are being put in recycle bins to monitor how much you are recycling or if you even are and in cities like Dayton, Ohio, the untrained green cops can actually come onto your property, inspect your trash (what a job, huh?) and levy fines up to $100 for non-compliance. Imagine the day when some nutty homeowner has had. just. about. enough. of this government interference and turns a weapon on these untrained greenie cops?

Good Lord!

[Mari] Frank [privacy expert and lawyer] was skeptical about the future potential exploitation of the RFID [radio frequency identification] trash collection data, and questioned whether the next step might be to attach a GPS receiver to bins to see where residents put them and how they are used.  Harry Lewis  [computer science professor at Harvard University and a noted privacy expert] wondered whether a city might use trash collection data for other, more invasive purposes.

“If the government wanted to know our drinking habits by neighborhood or household — purely for ‘public health reasons,’ of course — it could mandate RFIDs on liquor bottles and reprogram the scanners to collect data on where the most vodka is being consumed,” he said.

“And it’s not just the government either. Suppose a major distiller went to your town and offered to pay to collect data about who was throwing out which kinds of bottles. They might be prepared to chip the bottles without being told they had to — and your town might be able to use the new revenue source to hold down its tax rate.”  from FoxNews via Drudge

When the Spaniards invaded and conquered the Aztecs, however many centuries ago, the conquered had a phrase for the European havoc and war being waged on them: The world has turned upside down.

On a daily basis, I’m feeling like an Aztec more and more. . .


As a side topic, there’s this story from the LA Times. I”m sure this is old news to you, but California is trying to pass a law that bans the use of plastic bags in grocery stores and levies a charge of a nickle for paper bags (which I preferred, anyway.)  The government “desires” that shoppers bring their own renewable and reusable bags to their shopping adventure, but if the shopper is such a big dead beat that he doesn’t own his own grocery tote bag,  then he will pay an extra nickle for every paper bag required.