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How optimistic are you? Or is a doomsday looming?

On one hand I feel pretty optimistic. I’ve got a job again, after only 2 week of unemployment. I never even considered applying for unemployment. I knew that I would find some kind of job. Maybe not one in the field I was trained in, but shoot, I would do almost anything and I knew that I could find a job.

I have my first grandbaby coming in December. There’s not much that is more exciting than that. And all forecasts look good for a healthy baby. My daughter is in great health and taking very good care of herself and her baby. She is secure in her job and in her relationship.

My son is on a good track and couldn’t be happier with his life. He feels that he is destined for great things and is experimenting with ideas to reach those goals.

But last night I spoke with my girlfriend in Asheville and she put some fear into me. This is an RN who works for a wound care clinic. She has a Master’s degree and, although she is a liberal (she supported Hillary) she is also pretty level headed about things. She owns guns and believes in gun ownership, so all is not lost on her – lol.

She believes that we are “headed for a collapse” but could not be more specific than that and she believes it will happen before January 1, and probably before November. She told me to prepare for this and made suggestions on things I should be stockpiling for my family: kerosene lamps and kerosene, batteries, dry beans, rice and pasta. And water.

So I went surfing for how to store water and found this at FEMA.

I’ve never been a survivalist nor thought in those terms, really. But she is not alone in her feelings of doom. Many are saying as much in fewer words because they don’t want to be thought of as crackpots. People are looking for ways and means to protect themselves and their families from whatever might be coming. People feel frustrated, angry and are disillusioned by a promise of “change they could believe in” that has not occurred. And NO ONE is listening to them. Most of us feel dismissed and marginalized by the politicians who are supposed to be working for us. And there seems to be no control over the economy, by anyone.

Interesting that the book Obama took with him on his latest ‘vacation’ was The Survivors Club by Ben Sherwood. I have that book on my bookshelf, after seeing the author on Glenn Beck, and have not read it yet. I guess I’ll be cracking it open this week.

How do you feel? Are you preparing for a doomsday in the near future? Do you have your own “recipes” for preparation?

I’d like to hear them, if you do.