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Money can’t buy you love but it sure can make life comfortable, even for communists.

When the Beatles formed Apple Records, one writer insisted it represented “the worker seizing control of the means of production.” The reality that Paul McCartney deeply resented England’s high tax laws and found a way around them by forming a label in the United States seemed lost on such writers. When McCartney described Apple as a “kind of Western communism,” he was talking a good Karl Marx but his actions were 100 percent Adam Smith: Apple launched a blizzard of new products and divisions – books, electronics, clothing, films – all for profit. [Not to mention the jobs it created worldwide.] Rock’s revolutionary character came from the quite capitalistic spirit of creativity itself, a point leftist interpreters frequently missed. [And still do miss, I might add.]

from 7 Events that Made America America by Larry Schweikart

I am the egg-man… koo koo ka chu

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Obama rappin’ the Beatles Taxman… like you’ve never heard it before

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