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How many friends do you have with mug shots? Bet Obama has you beat!

Jeff Jones: Just another of Obamas friends with a mug shot.

Jeff Jones: Just another of Obama's friends with a mug shot.

Jeff Jones is the author of Obama’s healthcare reform. Anyone who’s watched Glenn Beck has seen his mug shot and knows about this man and his Weather Underground/SDS history. Patti Villacorta at PajamasMedia has an interesting article about him today.

These are the last couple paragraphs from it:

Thai Jones, the son of Jeff Jones and Eleanor Stein, wrote about his life as the son of revolutionaries in a 2004 memoir. He writes of a father who can’t seem to let the movement go. When the Weathermen regrouped in the early 70s, changing its name from the Weather Underground to the Weather Underground Organization (WUO), Jeff Jones led the way by penning an underground manifesto:

Jeff had become an adult while he was underground. Fighting the war had been his primary purpose. With it over, he could have claimed victory and abandoned militancy. He might have surfaced, held a press conference, copped a plea bargain and gone on to pursue politics in the evenings like the rest of the movement people. But neither he nor the others considered it. They had gone too far down the path to turn around and come home. In fact, they would become more fanatical, study Marxist-Leninist theory, and talk more seriously than ever before about toppling the government, though the chances of succeeding were now slightly higher than they had been at any other time since 1968.

By 2006, Jeff Jones, Bernadine Dohrn, and William Ayers had authored a book: Sing a Battle Song: The Revolutionary Poetry, Statements, and Communiqués of the Weather Underground, 1970-1974.