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Destroying the Kaaba in 2012? Director says “I kinda left it out.”

Speaking in an interview about the movie 2012, director Roland Emmerich said that he originally wanted to show the destruction of the Kaaba (the sacred black cube that is the center of the Muslim haj in Mecca) in addition to “the destruction of the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica, as well as the fall of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro, the White House….”

But we are not shown the destruction of any Islamic sites  in his new movie. “In fact, the only reference to Muslims is a scene showing them praying at the Kaaba for the earth to be saved (as well as a keffiyeh-encrusted and presumably Muslim Arab king who buys his family tickets to their “salvation”).”

“Well, I wanted to do that [show the destruction of the Kaaba], I have to admit,” Emmerich says. “But my co-writer Harald said I will not have a fatwa on my head because of a movie. And he was right. … We have to all … in the Western world … think about this. You can actually … let … Christian symbols fall apart, but if you would do this with [an] Arab symbol, you would have … a fatwa, and that sounds a little bit like what the state of this world is. So it’s just something which I kind of didn’t [think] was [an] important element, anyway, in the film, so I kind of left it out.” Debbie Schlussel.com

It does “sound a little bit like what the state of this world is.” It’s okay for Hollywood to attack and marginalize Christians – they order no beheadings or fatwas against anyone but instead turn the other cheek. You know, it’s the Christian thing to do.