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A trillion reasons to vote these progressives out: Health care bill will kill us

I can’t verify that what this doctor is saying is true because like congress, I’ve not read this bill.

But I won’t dispute him either, because I believe that he knows better than I do what this bill does say and he knows better than I do because it affects his profession in a direct way.

And I believe he’s telling the truth.

We all need to wake up and demand this bill is defunded and repealed. I think you will be astounded when you see this:

H/t to Dena.  Thank you!

Reagan on socialized medicine and socialism

H/t Dena. 😉

If you listen to Mark Levin or have read his book, Liberty and Tyranny, you’ll recognize the final part of this video…. very prophetic:

Canada – where your dog gets better care than you

Cass Sunstein would feel right at home with this kind of care: