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Mock slave auction in a 4th grade class.

Have you read the story on Drudge about the 4th grade teacher in Norfolk, VA who set up a mock slave auction in her classroom? The story is copyrighted so I can’t post it here but you can find it at The Virginian-Pilot via Drudge.

This goofy liberal teacher separated her black and mixed race students and offered them for sale to her white students as a classroom lesson in  — I’m not sure what. To teach 9 year olds mmmm I can’t really come up with a reason she would do something so stupid, so out of line, so really inappropriate, all in the name of being “well meaning” or “in everyone’s best interest” or “for the good of the children.”

To paraphrase C.S. Lewis, the statist restrict other people’s liberty and peace with a clear conscious because they are doing it for the greater good of those people who just really don’t know what IS good for them.  They really see nothing wrong with these behaviors because they are doing what they believe is best for all of us. Never mind that most of us would just like to be left the hell alone.

The Virginian-Pilot goes on to report that last year a guidance counselor resigned her job after giving out 80-100 fetus figurines to elementary students; another left after parents complained that she had anointed a student with “holy oil”; while a third (high school teacher) was reprimanded after it came to light that he/she was teaching from anarchist materials and organizations that were pro-marijuana legalization.

Our tax dollars at work, boys and girls.

Where do you find a fetus figurine? Let alone 100 of them? And more importantly, how is that possibly age approriate for an elementary age child? And whether this counselor was pro-life or pro-abortion, matters not because it simply has no place in elementary school.

I just cannot imagine what these teachers are thinking.  I’ll say this, though, they are good promotion for home schooling.

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu’s resolution

H/T to a blogger named Chesterar at BigGovernment.com.

From her website:

In 2009, in honor of Juneteenth or Freedom Day, Sen. Landrieu co-sponsored a Senate resolution that apologized for the enslavement and racial segregation of African-Americans. The resolution acknowledged the fundamental injustice and cruelty of slavery and Jim Crow laws; apologized to African-Americans for the wrongs committed against them and their ancestors; and called on all Americans to work toward eliminating racial prejudices, injustices and discrimination from our society.

“The enslavement and segregation of African Americans is a sad chapter in American history,” Sen. Landrieu said. “Although our society and government has made significant strides in advancing civil rights, our current progress does not correct the mistakes of our past. A full apology is not only necessary, but long overdue. This resolution helps ensure that we never again subject people of any race to the cruelty and brutality that African Americans endured throughout much of our nation’s history.”