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Buy some kneepads. We won’t be bowing, we’ll be kneeling thanks to Obama.

Going to work fulltime has really messed up my ability to keep up on current events. There is just too much to read and catch up on after 3 days with virtually no Fox News – I”m just beginning a withdrawl process on day 3.

Watching a weeks worth of missed videos on PJTV today, I found one that really got me fired up. And after watching it I had to find the actual column they were talking about and read it for myself, here.

“In a world increasingly defined by the rise of the developing countries, most notably China, the United States was, in fact, in relative decline. It took the global financial crisis to begin to convince the U.S. that it could no longer take its global supremacy for granted. This dawning realisation has come desperately late in the day. Even now most of the country remains in denial. Never has a great power been less prepared or equipped to face its own decline.

Fortunately, in Barack Obama the nation has a president that possesses a rare characteristic for that office, humility.”

I have to agree with this writer. We are a nation in decline because we are a nation that is leaderless. And the man we have in the position of leadership only knows how to manipulate and not how to inspire. He believes like the writer and like many in the world that we are not exceptional, that we are not great and that we are  fundamentally a flawed nation. Obama began his administration, from day one, on bended knee, asking for the worlds forgiveness.

Yes, we are fortunate to have a head of state who is comfortable subordinating himself to our enemies and to the world at large.

Instead of building on the allies and friends in the world who admire us and value a relationship with us – like the former Soviet bloc nations – we are asking nations who have sworn themselves to our demise, to forgive us for our own greatness. Instead of aligning ourselves with the emerging democracies in Eastern Europe, we are begging for nations like Egypt and Syria to forgive  us.

The good news for the U.S. is that China will continue to place great emphasis on a good working relationship.”

The Good News? So we are now allowing another nation to set OUR agenda? A nation that makes a mockery of human rights? That imprisons descidents? A nation that controls even its own citizens procreation? We are humbling ourselves to this? Well, of course, we have to. They are now holding the purse strings and they control our financial security, or insecurity, however you choose to look at it.

… the role of the state is highly circumscribed and viewed with inherent suspicion by American society; in China the opposite is the case, not just in the communist period but over many centuries, with no obvious boundaries to its power and the state enjoying remarkable legitimacy and deference (even though not a single vote is cast).”

I find this whole statement offensive on several levels. Suspicion of the government is a healthy state of affairs in America. It’s whats made us a unique nation. As Thomas Jefferson said  “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”  Americans must be suspicious and vigilant of the elected, else we are tortured by the type of government we have now.

“Remarkable deference” enjoyed by oppressive communist regimes that have been responsible for the imprisonment and deaths of tens of millions, is nothing short of disgusting. Proudly boasting that “not a single vote is cast” is to disparage the tens of millions dead at the hands of the communists in China. It’s a great moment when one man-one vote is no longer a wonderful practice, at least to this columnist.

The goal of this columnist and others like Evan Thomas, is to demoralize the people and create a declining nation, if not in reality then at least  in the minds of the citizenry. They are preparing us for the third world nation that they envision for us.

The president is setting the tone for the next decade: bowing to dictators and promising billions of dollars (to aid in the fight against so-called global warming with money we don’t have and have to borrow from another totalitarian government)  to America hating marxist regimes – like for instance, Hugo Chavez. Hey, maybe they’ll like us better if we give them money!

We aren’t in the cool kids club yet… but give him 8 years and Obama’s going to bow and buy our way in.

Barack Obama’s speech disappoints and fuels frustration at Copenhagen | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Yesterday I watched a new PJTV Trifecta with Whittle, Ott and Green. It was about the arrogance and snobbery of this new president, and how he looks down his nose at everyone. Watch this video and then the Trifecta piece. LOL The camera don’t lie!

US president offers no further commitment on reducing emissions or on finance to poor countries

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Obama to Fox viewers: I’m not your president

Honestly, how many people miss seeing the White House propagandists on Fox’s Sunday show? Since the White House has black-balled Fox News and no one from the Obama administration is allowed to speak on Fox, has any Fox viewer felt like they are missing some great words of wisdom?

Scott Ott, from PJTV made that point on their Trifecta video, with Bill Whittle and Steve Green. To which Green added, he’s “more likely to watch a show that doesn’t have David Axelrod on.” And in the words of Whittle, the WH thinks that we are missing out on the pearls of wisdom from a group who think they are “the smartest people in the whole wide world.”

Seriously, what kind of news are you going to get from WH talking heads? None. You’ll get spin or deflection. Certainly not truth. These guys are liars and thugs. Fox viewers are missing nothing by the boycott of TheOne.

The WH want us to all believe that by marginalizing Fox, they are going to make the point that everyone and all other news media should ostracize them, too. And Axelrod and Rahm made that point to the LameStreamMedia in not so subtle ways on the Sunday talk shows:

They are trying to bully the entire Washington press corps into following their line and to ignore any news that comes out of Fox, because the news that has come out of Fox has been less than flattering to TheOne: Van Jones, ACORN, propagandizing the NEA, Anita Dunn’s crush on Mao, a WH “rat on your neighbor” website…

Those thugs might have to be faced (notice I didn’t say might have to answer to) some hard questions from the press if they continue to follow the news that Fox has been breaking. And not only that but millions of viewers on the other networks might find out about the communist take over of their government. God forbid that the citizens find out about that!