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Midterm elections and election HiJinx

I’m at the point where I don’t think anything the Dems do will make any difference or if anything they do makes a difference, it won’t be to their benefit. No matter what they do, they’ve lost in this midterm election.

There are a few exceptions and Jerry Brown is one of them. Brown may win because the people who vote in California seem to be pretty nutty and out-vote those few who aren’t. It won’t hurt him very much that he or someone in the room with him called Meg Whitman a whore. In fact, NOW and some other womens organization will be coming out with a big pro-Brown press conference tomorrow in California. There just are more nutcases in California than there are sane, thinking Americans.

Proof positive that Californian nuts outpace the normal ones is the surge for Brown since an illegal alien (Nikki the maid) has been put into legal jeopardy by an unethical attorney (Gloria Allred) in order to cripple Whitman.

On the other hand, the race in New Jersey has turned a corner with the revelation that the Democrat candidate for re-election, John Adler’s own campaign members put up a bogus Tea party candidate to siphon votes from the Republican, Jon Runyan. The NJ TEA party associations have all disavowed this bogus fellow (Peter DeStefano) as one of their own. And Adlers own campaign volunteers have acknowledged that this little dirty trick did in fact occur.

New Jersey is not the only state where Democrats slimy tactics have come into question. There are still allegations that Harry Reid’s campaign put up a phony candidate (Scott Ashjian) under the guise of the TEA party. All Nevada TEA party associations have disavowed this guy as one of their members. As in New Jersey, no Nevadans had ever heard of this guy before this election cycle.

Does anyone really believe that something Christine O’Donnell did as a teenager will really have an impact on how she would represent Delaware today? Virtually no votes will be changed because she had a date with some guy who took her to what I’m sure really was a kegger hideaway for teens. Every town has one of those. We called it Number 9, where I grew up. It was in a little valley by a creek, a few miles out of town. . . but I digress.

Some of these Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot with little help from their challenger, but at great advantage to that challenger:

Great ad, Mrs. McMahon.

Most people have made up their minds by now. A quick look at the low number of undecided voters in nearly all races is evidence of that.  And with early voting open or soon to be open in most states, there isn’t much time to do a lot more damage.




Mom was right: Cheaters never prosper

LAS VEGAS — A Nevada asphalt contractor who is running under the Tea Party of Nevada banner to unseat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been hit with felony theft and bad check charges in Las Vegas.This comes one day after Scott Ashjian was attacked by the Tea Party Express, who labeled him a “fraud” and said he was not affiliated with the national movement.Court documents filed Friday show Ashjian is accused of bouncing a $5,000 business check last year.Other tea party activists have been distancing themselves from Ashjian. A lawsuit is challenging his candidacy, and an ad targeting Ashjian has been sponsored by the Tea Party Express, one of the most visible factions of the national tea party movement.Public documents show Ashjian also faces foreclosure on home loans totaling almost $1 million, owes $200,000 to the IRS and faces several city nuisance actions and liens.Ashjian hasn’t responded to messages seeking comment. Fox5News

Ashijan’s made a $6000 restitution payment and all charges have apparently been dropped. But this guy has no impact and will have none, on this race. If Reid thought that Ashijan would help his own campaign (by splitting the vote), he’s sadly mistaken.  All Reid has going for his campaign is massive war chest and no competition from the democrats. He has 56% of Nevadans who disapprove of him. All that money and negative ads will likely cause his negative numbers to go up, not down.

This is a race that I think is already done. Reid’s out and a new Majority Leader is on the way in. That alone is cause for celebration. Any idea who is replacement might be?

Even with a bogus Tea Party candidate, Reid loses

Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) would lose re-election even if a Tea Party candidate chips away support from his Republican opponent, according to a new poll released by the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Previous polls had showed Reid trailing badly in a two-candidate race but eeking out a victory in a three-way campaign. But today’s poll shows a shift from that trend.

In an race against former Nevada Republican chairwoman Sue Lowden, Reid would garner 38% of the vote, compared to 46% for Lowden and 5% for Tea Party candidate Scott Ashijan.

The poll shows Lowden as the frontrunner for the nomination, with 45% of Republican respondents supporting her. Businessman Danny Tarkanian gets 27% support, followed by former Assemblywoman Sharron Angle at 5%.

Reid would fare better against Tarkanian. Reid is neck and neck with Tarkanian, each with 39% support. Ashijan would get 11% of the vote in such a scenario. Eric Zimmermann/The Hill

Latest polls indicate the Harry’s DISapproval rating in Nevada is 56%. I hope he’s packing his bags.