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So what kind of “summit” will Shirley Sherrod get from TheOne?

(sorry but i keep misspelling her name everywhere.)

In the words of Juan Williams today, “the White House freaked out” over an edited video (posted below on this blog) of Sherrods speech to the NAACP. The NAACP behaved in the same frantic way. I don’t care what anyone says, the WH was behind this whole job termination of Sherrod. She was TheOnes sacrificial lamb.

And then ruh-oh!

They were misimformed!

Actually, we all were. I am guilty of over-reacting and jumping to incorrect assumptions and my apology really means nothing in the scheme of this ladys life. But here it is, all the same.

My question is this:

Does she not deserve the same treatment that Professor Gates got in the Rose Garden after “cops acted stupidly” in Cambridge?

That was another example of TheOne jumping to conclusions and making erroneous assumptions. When I jump to the wrong conclusion (on my blog) it hurts virtually no one because virtually no one reads my blog. But when I do, I try to correct my mistake or apologize for it. When the WH does it – that’s serious business. This is the woman’s entire life, her career, her family who will have to suffer for this. As though she has not suffered enough in her lifetime. . .

You can blame Breitbart (as liberal “journalist” Shep Smith did today) for posting this edited clip but the ultimate responsibility rests with those who decided to REACT to it instead of taking a moment and studying the full context of it.

But isn’t this the total of his whole administration? Reaction instead of studied Proaction?

Yea, Roxanne. I think you’re right. Can I hear an Amen and a Hallelujah on that?!

News Flash! No one cares that he won the Nobel Prize.

Not in the same league: Obama among other Nobel Peace Prize winners.

“While public polling showed that initial approval of Obama’s response was above 50 percent, two months of Republican criticism have taken a toll. Now a narrow 46 to 42 percent plurality of likely voters say they feel less confident about the administration’s handling of national security because of how it responded to the incident,” the pollsters said.

Don’t you find this interesting? Republican criticism is taking a toll on the One’s approval rating? This is the party that no one pays attention to. The party that gets virtually no media coverage. And the only coverage that the media gives it, is negative. The media gives no time to the republican leadership or what they have to say unless it’s to denigrate them. That being the case, how has any “republican criticism” even gotten to the eyes and ears of the American people?

Oh wait… could it possibly be most people are watching Fox News, where most of the real news is coming from?

The polling was commissioned by a left wing think tank founded by, for one, Clintonista James Carville.

A majority of Americans say the United States is less respected in the world than it was two years ago and think President Obama and other Democrats fall short of Republicans on the issue of national security, a new poll finds.

The Democracy Corps-Third Way survey released Monday finds that by a 10-point margin — 51 percent to 41 percent — Americans think the standing of the U.S. dropped during the first 13 months of Mr. Obama’s presidency.

Stunningly, the pollsters seem to be stunned by the numbers:

“This is surprising, given the global acclaim and Nobel peace prize that flowed to the new president after he took office,” said pollsters for the liberal-leaning organizations.

Hey fellas, here’s a news flash for ya – no one cares that he won that medal. In fact, Obama winning that prize did nothing but diminish it’s already lackluster prestige.

I guess it hasn’t occured to these pollsters that Obama is not the president of the “globe.” although that’s what he wanted everyone to believe. Remember his line “we are all citizens of the world?” And that perhaps, just perhaps the real people he serves have found out that he is less than messiah-like.

Read the entire polling here.

And consider this from SamHenry: We aren’t admired in the world or respected. We are being shut out of the world.

A final question: Considering his world tour last year to all the Islamic nations in the middle east, has Obama been to Israel? I don’t think he has been but I can’t be sure – he’s been everywhere else in the last 16 months, though.