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So what kind of “summit” will Shirley Sherrod get from TheOne?

(sorry but i keep misspelling her name everywhere.)

In the words of Juan Williams today, “the White House freaked out” over an edited video (posted below on this blog) of Sherrods speech to the NAACP. The NAACP behaved in the same frantic way. I don’t care what anyone says, the WH was behind this whole job termination of Sherrod. She was TheOnes sacrificial lamb.

And then ruh-oh!

They were misimformed!

Actually, we all were. I am guilty of over-reacting and jumping to incorrect assumptions and my apology really means nothing in the scheme of this ladys life. But here it is, all the same.

My question is this:

Does she not deserve the same treatment that Professor Gates got in the Rose Garden after “cops acted stupidly” in Cambridge?

That was another example of TheOne jumping to conclusions and making erroneous assumptions. When I jump to the wrong conclusion (on my blog) it hurts virtually no one because virtually no one reads my blog. But when I do, I try to correct my mistake or apologize for it. When the WH does it – that’s serious business. This is the woman’s entire life, her career, her family who will have to suffer for this. As though she has not suffered enough in her lifetime. . .

You can blame Breitbart (as liberal “journalist” Shep Smith did today) for posting this edited clip but the ultimate responsibility rests with those who decided to REACT to it instead of taking a moment and studying the full context of it.

But isn’t this the total of his whole administration? Reaction instead of studied Proaction?

Yea, Roxanne. I think you’re right. Can I hear an Amen and a Hallelujah on that?!

Will we ever know who this guy is?

I admit that I’m dumbfounded by this president. And I’m asking the same question I asked over a year ago, Who is this man?

On one hand, I think that Obama has to be the most naive person to ever sit in the oval office. Just look at his record with rogue nations like North Korea and Iran. I think that Obama really thought that if he could just talk to these evil men, he could charm them into seeing things his way. Just this morning, North Korean put it’s soldiers on war alert. If the North invades the South, how will we react? Or will we?

How out of touch with the American people do you need to be to set up a flag.gov site for neighbors to spy on each other and report to big brother? Did he really believe that this would fly (pardon the flag flying pun) with what we, as Americans, believe is fair and just?

On the other hand, he seems to be completely overwhelmed by the office he holds. A look at his response to the catastrophic oil spill is a good example. It has him paralyzed into inaction. His regime seems to be confused and befuddled into inactivity and forcing the governors of those states impacted, to take action alone.  But to be fair, what was his first act when he finally did do something? He sent lawyers to the gulf.

Louisiana marshlands impacted by underwater BP oil gusher

He totally ignored Nashville and it’s horrific flooding. Those citizens must feel real warm and fuzzy about him now.

And on the third hand (if I had one), he shows so much callousness and lack of class that it’s almost unbelievable. Where will he be on Memorial day? Not at Arlington. He’ll be throwing a party for Paul McCartney.  Has anyone forgotten how he treated Benjamin Netanyahu? Or the Dalai Lama? Compare that to how he treated the Mexican president last week with a state dinner.

(from frugalcafeblogzone.wordpress.com) Dalai Lama leaving through the WH back door.

His regime members okayed a fly over of Manhattan that terrified New Yorkers last year. While unemployment hovered near 10%, he took his wife out for dinner and a Broadway show, spending millions of dollars and disrupting the city. He spent more bundles on his family’s summer vacation at Martha’s Vineyard and a Christmas trip to Hawaii. (Let’s not forget that was at the same time as the Christmas panty bomber event, too.)  He can’t be bothered to take his children to church (because after all, he’s not a Christian) but he makes a show of his golf game every Sunday.

Christmas in Hawaii - "Wish you were here"

It’s been 10 months – TEN – since his last press conference. What does that say about him? Not only does he not respect the press that is so enamored with him but he’s afraid to speak off the cuff, sans a teleprompter for fear he might say something idiotic again, (rememeber “the cops “acted stupidly?”) Oh, he campaigns all the time, he’s speechifying constantly but never without a script, never without his teleprompter. Is it any surprise that his last press conference was the one that prompted a beer summit in the Rose Garden?

Rose Garden beer summit

I just don’t know who this president is. I don’t think there was ever a question, whether you like George Bush or not, who he was and what he stood for. But with Obama, we were sold a bill of goods during the campaign that he was the smartest man to ever run and then win the White House. If hes’ so smart, how can he keep doing such stupid and naive things? What does that say about the intelligence of his handlers?

For me, 2012 will not come soon enough. The one thing I know for sure about this man is that has got to go. He has to be sent back to his bastion of corruption in Chicago so that we can repair the damage he’s done.