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The democrat party REALLY is the party of communists

With Wasserman-Schultz (love that hyphenated last name, don’t you?) appointed chairPERSON of the DNC, it’s out in the open now that the democrat party is really the party of communists.  And with this appointment, the demise of the DNC is all but assured – or at least I’m praying so.

My God- watch Ryan’s response at about 2:00. It’s priceless:

Someone at HotAir commented that this exchange looked like a couple facing a divorce judge! LOL He obviously cannot stand her – along with many of the rest of us.

Her appointment really is the best thing that could happen to the RNC, unless they had appointed Sheila Jackson Lee (“when America planted the flag on Mars”) or Maxine Waters (“watch out or we will nationalize — er ummm- er — oil companies”).

And you’ll love this at the end when Debbie claims that the term “ObamaCare” is a disparaging tag:

It is time the DNC came out of the closet and admitted they really are communists and stop trying to fool the American voter.

Scozzafava backs out: A major turning point for the Conservative movement?

This news is a huge game changer. Does anyone really believe she left this race because she was obviously losing? Here’s the telling sentence:

Ken Spain, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, said Scozzafava is releasing supporters to vote for Hoffman.

The RNC told her to back out. They can tell which way the wind is blowing and thank God they’ve gotten smart this soon. With the endorsements of  heavyweights like Sarah Palin and others, the party realizes that the conservative movement and the teaparty-ers, have taken over the party and if they want to win next November, they’d better get on board and go along early. Otherwise this could be a bloodbath or a major break from within the party. Michael Steele does not want to see that happen and to be honest, most conservatives don’t want to see the destruction of the party, either. Most thinking people understand that a third party is almost assuredly a losing party and nothing more than a spoiler for the truly not wanted candidate.

Just as with healthcare, Republicans believe that you can fix and perfect a system without totally destroying it. Destruction is the marxist way of doing things. The Republican party can remain intact as the party faithful begin the job of redirecting and refocusing its purposes. If nothing else has been proven over the course of this summer, people – average people – found they didn’t need one voice to lead them. They found their own voice and with that they found their own power to effect change.  Thanks to these hard-working real Americans,  (as opposed to the career politicians and political handlers) serious changes did occur and will continue to as we enter the extremely important 2010 elections.

“I am a Republican, but first and foremost, I’m a Conservative.”

As shown by the man at the end of this video, we are the most informed and educated party in this nation’s recent history. With knowledge comes power. With knowledge comes fear, too. We’re afraid and it’s made us take action.  People who never held a picket sign or even considered running for office have come out in droves. We will not be stopped or patronized any longer.

These are exciting times. Beginning this summer, we have seen an authentic revolution evolving in this country, basically ignored and then denigrated by the left and the LameStreamMedia, which in turn fueled it even further.

Try to marginalize us. We get louder and bigger.