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Important stuff they don’t teach you in school

 William Whipple, from New Hampshire,  was an original signer of the Declaration of Independence. He was a merchant, a judge, a Revolutionary War General and a member of the Continental Congress.

from Yahoo.com: Whipple freed his slave, Prince Whipple, who had fought with him in the war and was one of a group of slaves who had petitioned the Legislature for their freedom. Prince Whipple also is buried in the Old North Cemetery.

What if they had a revolution and no body was ready to come?

I can’t remember, in my lifetime,  a more important time in our nation’s future than now.  And I’m sick of hearing that “I’m not ready to run” or “my wife’s not sure if I should, yet.”

If you’re not ready, then get out of the business and get out of our way because we are in dire straits right now and we don’t need you’re pussy rhetoric.  And furthermore, I’m sick of these pansies trying to dress up like conservatives when they are nothing like one. That means Christie and Daniels, specifically.

I’m also talking about real conservatives – Ryan and Rubio – who won’t run when the nation is begging for them. The time is NOW. There will be no chance in ’16 to fix this. It will be beyond fixing by then.

How would it have been if Sam Adams or Thomas Paine said “I’m just not ready for this revolution thing yet. Come back in 6 years”?

Hamilton was not a Martian either

We need to be vigilant of the left’s attempts to rewrite history and spoon feed it to us via the media and entertainment industry. Case in point is the video that is being featured on Fox Nation from those mental giants at CNN, Spitzer & Ditzer – as Rush likes to call them.

I’ve never watched this show – only seen the clips online, but this one claiming that Alexander Hamilton was an illegal alien is way over the top and is more reason for me to never watch that show.

Google or Wiki Hamilton and you you get a real quick education about the man. I’m not going to rewrite stuff here that you can find for yourself but needless to say, Hamilton was about as much an alien as most other  “*Americans” of his time. Technically, there was no America here when he came from the Caribbean: it was a collection of British colonies just as the place of his birth, The British West Indies, were.

Furthermore, he was more than a guy who “got off the boat and just happened to write the Constitution.” In fact, the only real thing he had to do with it was signing it. But he was more than “just a guy who blah blah blahed” – he was an aide to General George Washington during the Revolutionary War, from all accounts he fought bravely in the service of the colonies and he penned a great deal of The Federalist Papers. He was a lawyer and the first Secretary of the Treasury, a position that I’m sure he held in greater regard than the current Secretary does.

At the time of his emigration to the colonies, he was a subject of the British crown, as were all others who lived in “America.”  He was a British subject who left one British territory for another. This was not a sovereign nation so therefore there was no such thing as an illegal immigrant.

And while we are on this topic, let it also be known that all of the Founders, save Hamilton, were born in “America” to first and second generation “Americans.” Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams all were born in “America” into established “American” families.

We have all got to speak up when we hear or see this misinformation being disseminated. We’ve had 4 decades of Zinn history in our schools and 20 some years of Oliver Stone’s revisionist history in our theaters and it’s got to be stopped.

As Conservatives, our battles are not only in the voting booth and the phone lines and emails of our Congressmen (no, I am not being politically incorrect, I know that we have women in our legislature, too)  and Senators. This is also a cultural battle we are fighting.  We have got to stay ahead of those who, for whatever reason, are spewing falsehoods about our Founders and our history.

New Dodge Challenger Freedom commercial – you’ll probably like it.

Remember this? WH says “We’ll hit back twice as hard”

Read BigGovernment.com

As Stage Right clearly lays out the story, there was an orchestrated effort that began in early August and culminated with the attack on Kenneth Gladney. It was led and directed by high level White House staffers with the message to Congressmen and women that “we’d have your backs” at the health care town hall meetings.  And memos that laid out a precise strategy for the SEIU and HCAN foot soldiers.

This article illustrates how well-organized Obama’s Marxist street army is, unlike the so-called “tea baggers” who are just average folks, showing up and exercising their constitutional rights.

I’m pretty sure that the national tea party organizers are reading this and paying attention. And we might want to take a lesson from the little known Marion’s Brigade. During the revolutionary war, they were a group of Patriots who used guerrilla warfare against the British. They hid behind trees and ambushed the enemy with quick, hit and run attacks: much like how the Native Indians fought.

Now, I’m not suggesting that we hide behind trees and benches in the park, with loaded muskets, by any means. In fact, just the opposite. Non-violence has been the shining example of the tea party movement. But we know their tactics and we need to fight back in unexpected and non-violent ways.

There is no better example of where the SEIU is getting their marching orders from than the head taco, himself. Do you remember how presidential this was? He “will call you out” if you disagree with or fight his Marxist plans for this nation. And  he encourages his followers to “get in the faces” of anyone who’s not in lock-step with The Plan.