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Another crime against humanity: Protecting the Cairo museums

1700 year old Buddha in Afghanistan before the taliban

Remember when the 1700 year old statue of Buddha, in Afghanistan, was blown up by the Taliban? This was not just an attack on a religion by the taliban. It was a crime against all humanity.

After the taliban dynamited the Buddha

It was sickening last week when the Cairo museum had been broken into, but the world was assured that the damage and theft was minimal. And the Egyptian people locked arms to protect the museum until the army could get there and take up posts. It says a lot about the Egyptians that they stood against possible criminals to protect these treasures. It’s sinful, as well as criminal that anyone would do damage to the Cairo museums and landmarks.

When I heard yesterday that there was a possible fire at the museum, I was heartsick.

These people are behaving like barbarians. Even during WWII there were religious and historical sites that were protected and off limits to bombing and damage. For too many of these people, nothing and no one deserves respect.

Cairo Museum of Antiquities

The death mask of King Tut, in the Cario Museum