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Just a few words on hypocrisy and stupid

I just have a couple of things I’d like to drop here:

High speed commuter rail:  One word – Amtrak. And if it were so profitable, why isn’t Union Pacific building them?

Black supremacy groups: see Jill Scott (whoever the hell she is) or Common who are against inter-racial marriage. Pop quiz: What’s the difference between Black Americans who hold those opinions and the Aryan Nation? And don’t tell me it’s guns. One need only look at the Black on Black crime in this country to see that’s not true.

Racial bigotry: see Jill Scott and Common, again. Let a white entertainer say those same things and you’d be seeing the end of a career.

Joe Biden. ‘Nuff said.

Black rapper to appear at the White House – calls for killing cops, Bush

Have you seen this story at the Daily Caller?

This is how our tax dollars and the White House – which we own – is being used by the FLOTUS.  She’s bringing in an illiterate, black rapper poet who talks about killing cops and George Bush.

Please God, move these people out of the White House after 2012.