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Once again, Reid has to mess with something that actually works

Although I was born, raised and married in Wyoming, I’ll always consider Nevada home. My memories of Nevada are all good and my children got a first class education there as well as their own wonderful memories. We lived in a rural county, Nye and like many of the rural counties, prostitution is legal. It is deliberately illegal in Washoe (Reno) and Clark (Las Vegas) counties so as to not offend the tourist trade. But one need only drive 55 miles northwest on a rural highway, into Nye County and you can find 3 brothels and another 3 or 4 before you reach the county seat in Tonopah.

The Chicken Ranch on the outskirts of Pahrump, NV

Aside from legal prostitution at places like the Chicken Ranch, Nye county is also famous for Area 51, the development of the Stealth bomber and the home of the great UFO hunter and radio personality, Art Bell.

The citizens of each county vote to legalize prostitution or not. And they reap a great deal of tax revenue from this legal business, too. Brothels are not within the city or town limits. You have to actually search them out. No one’s child sees them from a school bus, as Harry dipshit Reid has claimed. Most of us forget they even exist until we have relatives come visit and want a trip out there to see one.

The brothel owners ( I will not call them pimps) keep a very low profile in their communities, basically to avoid offending the townsfolk. Their girls are not allowed off the property for “out dates” with clients. They are taken to town for doctor appointments (every month for HIV, STD and other testing and last I knew, there has never been one case of HIV originating from the brothels) and to grocery stores for whatever they need, by a brothel employee. They do not “walk the streets”. Their business stays within the brothel compound. The girls have to have an out of county address. Most work 2 to 3 weeks and then go home for a week (most of them live in Las Vegas, where most of them have boyfriends.)

They pay for a privilege license – more tax revenue for the county and it can be taken away from them or the brothel owner, for breaking any laws that pertain to the business.

Prostitution is legal. It’s regulated. It makes the counties and state a lot of money. And the people of those counties want it. They voted to allow it. Now here comes Harry the dickhead Reid telling Nevadans that it’s time to “have an adult conversation” about this taxed and highly regulated industry. And maybe it’s time to outlaw it. (I’m already sick of hearing “adult conversation” as I was sick of hearing “transparency.”)

Harry – mind your business in DC:  keeping us broke and over extended and in massive debt, okay? Leave alone a business that’s working well and lawfully within the state. I wish this guy would just shut the hell up! Not everyone is Nevada is a Mormon. Not all of them are stupid enough to give up lots and lots of tax dollars from businesses that live on the edge of town and require a map to find. For cryin’ out loud – the voters in these counties are adults and they know what they want.

Leave them alone. Leave the counties alone. Mind your own misguided business and stay out of Nevada!

Enter the ACORN apologists

“You guys are going after the lowest common denominators here, people that have been arrested for drug and prostitution, expecting them to know any better than to give advice on what they know?

I do not disagree that they should be better with their hiring practices, but c’mon, you think that lady in that video knows any better.” poster at BigGovernment.com


I don’t get it. This person is not the least bit credible. What’s the point? In the other video you found one corrupt accountant. Good job and I hope that person gets fired, but should we shut down every company or organization that has a single accountant that ever shushes a client? There’d be nowhere to get your taxes done.

There’s corruption in everything. It’s human nature. Good on you for revealing some of this corruption but stop pretending you’re connecting the dots in some vast conspiracy. Shutting down community organizations over isolated corruption (or maybe its just some prostitute running her mouth) makes as much sense as shutting down the stock market because of Bernie Madoff…. Or maybe Madoff is connected to ACORN. I’ll bet the Freemasons have something to do with it. Look! An acorn on the dollar bill!!! poster at BigGovernment.com

My God…

How much more will it take before someone who can, (besides these 2 great and courageous kids) do SOMETHING?
This requires an INDEPENDENT investigation. Holder won’t do it and I’m sure Obama won’t call for him to.
What kind of people would not bat an eye at the suggestion of child sexploitation and would in fact, be eager to offer assistance in this kind of behavior? What kind of people (like the posters quoted above) would excuse it? No one even mentions murder or threats of murder.
I’m stunned and sickened by this whole thing. As Beck asked today, where is the decency and honor – not just in congress – but among some of the posters I’ve read at that site today?  I suggest that people reflect the leadership they have.
And that explains to me, why we have the president and the congress we have. But I refuse to believe that we are this immoral, this uncaring, this accepting of criminal behaviors.


From BigGovernment

Is it time to now investigate the connection between Obama and these people? Would this go unchecked if it were a Republican president? Would this go unquestioned by congress and the media, if the sitting president were a Republican?

Andrew Breitbart debuts new website with a blockbuster!



Go here and see the ACORN videos and read filmmaker, James O’Keefe’s first hand account.

Your tax dollars at work with ACORN workers explaining how a “pimp and prostitute” can circumvent the tax codes and commit tax fraud!