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Another bizarre election story – as if we need another

Florida independent Senate candidate Charlie Crist personally lobbied Democratic candidate Kendrick Meek to exit the race this week, offering him  a cross that had been a gift from his sister, Mr. Meek said Friday.

The gesture occurred Monday as Mr. Crist and Mr. Meek were surrounded by local Jewish leaders at a Hollywood, Fla., meeting of the pro-Israel lobbying group American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

“I was shocked when he did it,” Mr. Meek said in an interview late Friday. “I told him to keep the cross and that I carry my Christianity in my heart.”

Crist spokesman Danny Kanner said he would not comment on a private conversation.

This must’ve been like a diamond encrusted cross or something. Even one that had been blessed by the Pope (and I’m a Catholic) would not entice me to drop out of a race if I were Meeks.
I gotta ask myself “what was this about?” I’m perplexed. . .

Respect what office?

okay. I’ve seen this picture enough times  – and so have you – that I have to address it.

I think it was Ed Morrissey (CPAC’s blogger of the year) who said last week that Oscar Goodman should at least “honor the office” of the president, when Goodman (mayor of Las Vegas) refused to meet with Obama.

I ask you: How do you “respect the office” when you see this picture? And this is not a new behavior on Obama’s part. He has been consistent in his lack of class toward allies. The only time he’s appeared presidential is when he set up his photo-op in the middle of the night, at Dover AFB to salute our fallen heros.

But the Dalai Lama is more than an ally, he’s a holy man.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The Obama’s are waaaaaaaay out of their league. Ushering the Dalai Lama out the same door as the garbage is beyond classless and the height of insulting. I’m a Catholic and this offends me almost as much as if he’d done this to the Pope.