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When racism and fear-mongering is an entitlement

How much more divisive can a president be when you have countless parents who are willing to keep their children home from school rather than listen to a speech by Obama?

Would they have done this with either Bush presidents? How about with Bill Clinton? I had school age children at those times. I wouldn’t have had an issue with my kids hearing a speech at school from any other president. I can’t imagine a time when we would’ve felt it dangerous for our children to hear a president speak, until now.

And that’s it – parents feel it’s dangerous for their children to hear from this president. This is a telling and creepy thing in American history.  Americans are afraid of this man. They are afraid for their future, for their children’s future, of what he can do to ruin it.

How much more proof do we need to see the divide he has created in this nation? Can you remember a time, in your lifetime, when we were so divided? Did you ever feel that race was a serious issue in your life, until now? It’s almost daily that we hear something derogatory about “the white man” from some politician or some presidential czar. It’s become so commonplace to hear that it’s almost lost it’s impact.

“The white man stole all the land, all that was valuable, broke all the treaties with the Indians.”

“The white man is poisoning the poorer neighborhoods with pollutants.”

“The white man is spraying insecticides and toxins on illegal immigrants.”

“It’s only white, suburban kids who shoot up schools. Black kids only kill each other, they don’t shoot up the whole school.”

“White people don’t want a president who looks like me (a Black woman.)”

“White folks go to bed at night asking themselves “how did this happen?” – electing a black man to the presidency.”

White people would never get by with making these kinds of comments, especially elected white politicians.

But ‘they’ won so they are entitled to be racist. And by ‘they’ I mean any Marxist – white, black or polka dot. They believe that they have been oppressed by white America for so long that they feel entitled to be racist.  It’s only fair, yes? Because they won.

Think about this: why are parents refusing to let their children hear this presidential speech on Tuesday? What is motivating American parents to protect their children from a speech by the president of the United States?

The answers to those questions should make you be more afraid.