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Monty Hall wouldn’t even write this kind of Constitution

The cost of Copenhagen

Double speak? Nope. I call this “how stupid do you think we are?”

If you make less than $250K you won’t be taxed? Guess again!


When will the American people figure out that CORPORATIONS DON”T PAY TAXES?

PEOPLE PAY TAXES! All these taxes are passed onto the consumer.

This $29B added to the health care bill will be paid by the consumer, not the medical industry. And who is the biggest consumer of the medical industry? Senior citizens.

Now Pelosi is talking about a value added tax.

What happened to that pledge and promise from TheOne? Not one thin dime? Remember that?

Will he get a pass on this lie, too? Oh, you betcha!

Who’s suggesting violence?

This kind of rhetoric is not helpful.

More Do-Gooder Tinker Toying

This is the kind of crap you get when you have Henry “porky pig face” Waxman in charge of stuff.

We are facing serious problems – deficit spending that is beyond astronomical, a war that is slipping away from us in Afghanistan, a health care debate and debacle – and these guys are looking for ways to put MORE small businesses out of business and more people out of work!

You know, I have to ask myself how did we (baby boomers) make it to adulthood without a consumer protection do-gooder council of goofballs to protect us? Our cribs were painted with lead based paints and how many of us, as toddlers,  cut our teeth on the sides of our cribs and play pens? We played in pedal cars that were painted with this lethal paint. Our blocks and tinker toys… oooooooooooh, *shaking my head*  this could go on forever.

It’s been bad enough that they have recalled formula and toothpaste made in China, toys in incredible numbers but now they are requiring special labeling and tagging on new items so that they can be tracked, if and when necessary. And these are toys made in America, by American businesses who employ Americans!

These do-gooders are harming the consumer they brag on being advocates for, as well. IF these businesses can afford to comply with these new, ridiculous regulations, they will pass the added cost on to the consumer. The employees, who are likely union and therefore the protected class by this administration and this congress, will end up losing out, too. We know the domino effect of a business who is not making money or losing money: no new hires, more lay-offs, no raises or bonuses, no business expansion.

It just gets more amazing all the time how stupid these people are that we have elected… or to be more precise, that California has elected. Waxman, Boxer, Pelosi, all Californians and all as dumb as duck shit.