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US ambassador to attend ceremony at Hiroshima

Schalow [professor of Japanese at Rutgers University] speculated that Roos’ [US ambassador to Japan] visit could be a step toward positioning the U.S. to condemn any future use of atomic weapons, perhaps by North Korea.

“If we show some regret of our own use of the weapon, if it happens again, we’re in a moral position to criticize,” he said. “As of now, we’re not in a position to denounce it.”

More of the same from this apologist president and his Marxist regime.

Gee, if we just apologize one more time, if we claim guilt for ending the war and saving the lives of millions of American soldiers, we will somehow deter the nutcase dictators in the world and they will finally see the light!  They will see how much we regret this action and boy howdy, they won’t want to follow in our footsteps! This will be the moment, this will be the action that will heal the world and bring everlasting peace to all mankind:

The absolute shameless arrogance of this man is just amazing. Can you imagine another term with this guy? This just cannot happen. We cannot allow this to happen.

We are not in a moral position to criticize the use of WMD? Since when? We didn’t attack Japan on December 7th 1941. It was a sneak attack on our territory, on our soldiers. And we proceeded to fight a bloody Pacific war which ended when WE ENDED IT with the dropping of 2 atomic bombs. And it saved millions of lives, including those of the Japanese empire. Was it a dreadful thing to do? Yes, no question. But allowing the sacrifice of an entire generation of American men would have been more dreadful, more horrendous.  The choice was not pleasant but it was necessary.

We don’t owe the Japanese anything., least of all an apology. We rebuilt Japan. We helped produce one of the most productive and successful democracies in the world. Our soldiers are still there to help protect the sovereignty of the nation.

At this point in time, this president is positioning us again to bow and apologize. How much longer will this go on?

To provide for the common defense

To provide for the common defense.

Obama is, for all intends and purposes, shutting down our nuclear missles and our space program. How can this government possibly be doing its constitutional mandate to provide for our defense while closing down those things that are tantamount to protect us?

This guy,  Assange, in Norway or Iceland or where ever he is, is spewing out documents that harm our soldiers and informants and is now threatening to leak more in the days to come. He says that his site has “inspired” more people with security clearances to come forward and provide him with more information.  And our government seems to be impotent to stop this.

To provide for the common defense.

Ohama’s regime is not doing that.  It is not preparing for the future and Hugo Chavez will be the first in line to procure wmd’s from his alliance of  fellow evil dictators when the day comes that they are available to him. We are not prepared for another 9/11 and by scaling down our military and space options, we will be struggling to catch up once this guy is out of the White House – provided we aren’t attacked again before then.