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The new civility applies to only liberal women

If you’re Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann or any other conservative woman, you’re fair game for filthy name calling from the likes of Bill Maher and other misogynistic liberal, Marxists in this nation. I’m sure the video will be posted online someplace before this day is through.

And once again, NOW has clammed up; the useless organization that stands for no one and nothing.


The most evil: Kermit Gosnell and health departments in PA

Kermit Gosnell, abortion butcher

This man is despicable. But more despicable is the non-existent oversight in Pennsylvania, the lack of protection for women and babies in this state. If I hear another politician say that he is in favor of safe and rare abortions, I’m gonna puke. No one, at least in Pennsylvania, really cares about ‘safe and rare’ or the best health care for women and babies. If they did, this clinic would have been closed long – LONG – ago.

If this is not proof that the liberals do not care about minorities and especially in this case, minority women, nothing does. This ‘doctor’ and I use the word loosely, preyed on the most poor, frightened and ignorant among us. He took their money and took no concern in their health, welfare or even their lives.  He delivered viable babies and killed them.

And all this under the noses of physicians in positions to stop this, state medical boards that apparently wanted to protect the rights of doctors, health departments who could have shut him down but ignored complaints, politicians who gave lipservice to protecting the rights of women to choose.

Did those poor, frightened women have any idea what they were choosing? Did they know that their unwanted, unborn babies would have their spinal cords snipped and their babies body parts preserved in pickle jars and milk cartons, decorating his office and stored in his office refrigerator?

Oh, I think not.

And to add insult to injury, Gossnel was preforming abortions after the legal gestational age. (24 weeks is the limit, after that abortions are criminal in the state of Pennsylvania.)

Did these women know that they would leave his office with venereal disease, perforated organs and raging infections? Did they know that they would leave his office sterile?

Was it worth the $400 cash and late night abortions, for all this?

There should be no doubt what the answer is.

Where in all of this is NOW? Not a word from them – AGAIN – about something that threatens the health, welfare and life of women, especially minority women who they brag so loudly that they champion and protect.

There is no justice for a man like this. But he is not alone in guilt. The entire liberal system should be held to account for this. The evidence is clear: he is a murderer and the system is just as culpable. There is no concern by the liberals for the welfare of the poor, there never has been. Pennsylvania was run by pro-abortion politicians for decades.  Their excuse to not securing and protecting the health and safety of the female patients was their concern that they would be erecting barriers to their almighty right to choice! These progressives have protected and by silence, encouraged the very thing they profess to want to eradicate: back alley, midnight abortions and abortion butchers.

I call BullShit on all of that! They care nothing for those most vulnerable patients – the women and the unborn babies. What they do care about is the votes they will get from those mostly minority communities.

In the end, it’s all about the votes, even if it means you have to lie to minorities to get them.

Please read this by Cassy Fiano at NewsRealBlog




Iranian woman set for execution

Okay, now I’m really pissed off. This morning we read that the UN will be investigating US for human rights violations and tonight I read this at Fox.

What kind of president do we have here who would agree to put this nation  -and Arizona – on this UN review when you consider what’s happening in nations like Iran? What kind of human rights violations occur in this country that compare to stoning a woman, or for that matter, a gay person? Where is the outrage from the bleeding heart left about this poor woman’s impending, state sanctioned  murder?

If you’ve not seen the movie, The Stoning of Soraya M., please do see it. It can be rented at Netflix, among lots of other outlets. This should be required viewing for every friggin liberal in this country and every high school student, too. I had to cover my eyes more than once during this movie. If you think that The Kite Runner was a great view of Islam, then you (and I) were taken for a ride. Until I saw The Stoning of Soraya, and after I’d read The Kite Runner, I had this misconception that Islam might have some redeeming values.

I was misinformed.

These are barbarous people who should not sit at the same table with us. What kind of god or religion sanctions stonings and abuse of women and gays?

What kind of people turn a blind eye to this and keep pointing their fingers at their own countrymen while living in the greatest nation on Earth? We have a president who calls his own citizens enemies while this is occuring almost daily around the world. A president who bows to these barbarians and apologizes for us. A first lady who is more concerned about how many donuts we eat and has  no care in the world for the abuse of young women and gay men. A group of fugly women in NOW who are too busy endorsing misogynistic candidates like Jerry Brown to be bothered with the horrendous deaths of women around the world.

When do we say ENOUGH to all of this?

I’m not sorry for this rant. I’m angry.


Intolerance of Conservative women – by women. My boycott continues.

Where are the so-called women’s groups defending these women? The National Organization of Women actually endorsed Meg Whitman’s opponent after the wh*re comment and only after some teeth-pulling by the media did they come out against the Gawker attack on Christine O’Donnell (originally NOW spokespeople said twice they were “passing” on the story).

Perhaps more importantly, where in the world are the ABC executives denouncing Joy Behar’s unprofessional and misogynic rant against Sharron Angle? Might as well put them in the same category as NPR for their firing Juan Williams. ABCs silence is a disgusting show of intolerance towards conservative women.

Joy Behar needs to be fired, immediately. Are ABC executives hiding under their desks, afraid of her wrath? Get over it and do the right thing.

read entire column here: Penny Nance is CEO of Concerned Women for America./Fox News

I’m keeping up my boycott and daily letter writing to The View and ABC – although I never watch either, they don’t know that.  You can write to ABC and complain, too. If Walters has no more control over her “colleagues” than this, she shouldn’t have a show.

This is not all about Sharron Angle, either. We’ve all seen the clips of Behar attacking Sarah Palin over the last almost 3 years. Behar is nothing but Garafalo -sorta-light. These are mean, hateful, spiteful women who lack any semblance of class and should not be in a position where younger women look to them as role-models.

In short, they are school-yard bullies and need to be taken off the air. And if taking them off the air is not possible then let’s all just turn them off!

It wasn’t ‘rape’ rape, all over again

This is an astounding story.

I ask again where is the outrage from the left who constantly claim THEY are the protectors of the weak, the poor, the oppressed? Where is NOW? Where is the ACLU? Who is protecting our women and girls?

When will these democrat/marxist be properly exposed for the true oppressors that they are? They are the ones who are enabling this violence against women – in America, mind you – and families.

NOW’s response shows desperation in a losing cause

When the Tebow ad aired during the Super Bowl and made not one mention of ABORTION, it really took the wind out of NOW’s sails. I’m guessing those old grey haired hags (I can call them that as I’m one of them now – not a NOW member, but the other thing) had a rushed Skype confab to determine a Plan B attack.

So, as you’ve all heard, they took the tried and tired stance of violence against women.

Of course, as is par for this out-dated, out of style organization they ignored the Betty White tackle and mud wrestling ad – which I thought was pretty funny.

I can’t imagine anyone else – anyone as normal as I – who saw the Tebow ad and thought what NOW thought. This ad worked and it worked because the 4 words that mattered are still with me days after it aired: Celebrate Family. Celebrate Life.

And who can seriously take issue with that? No one.  At least no one who wants to retain any kind of credibility. How much more un-American can you be to have an issue with FAMILY? So NOW had to create an issue out of thin air.

The Los Angeles Times reported that NOW President Terry O’Neill said the Tebow ad – I couldn’t make this up – glorifies violence against women.

“I am blown away at the celebration of the violence against women in it,” she said. “That’s what comes across to me even more strongly than the anti-abortion message. I myself am a survivor of domestic violence, and I don’t find it charming. I think CBS should be ashamed of itself.”

No, Terry O’Neill is the one who should be ashamed.

This violence against women thing really is a stretch and an obvious one. But to create an issue of this kind out of nothing and then to ignore actual cases of violence is nothing short of hypocritical. It’s circumstances like this that do nothing for their cause, credibility or the organization’s reputation.

Hours before the Tebow ad ran, former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Warren Sapp was arrested in Miami on a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery against a woman.

Where was Terry O’Neill on that one?

This makes that defunct organization of old women look desperate, bitter and shrill. And very out of touch with real issues that affect women and families.

… we get a ridiculous statement of outrage about an ad featuring a loving family.

We know why, of course.

The Tebow ad features a message to contact the group Focus on the Family, which strongly opposes abortion.

I’m not going to get into that debate here, but it’s worth noting that prior to the airing of the ad, when NOW was trying to force CBS to keep it off the air, O’Neill told The Associated Press, “That’s not being respectful of other people’s lives. It is offensive to hold one way out as being a superior way over everybody else’s.”

Yes, it is.

And to say that Tim and Pam Tebow have glorified violence against women is worse than offensive. It’s downright stupid.

Is stupidity, desperation and bitterness an image that old grey haired hags really want to put forth? Well, it’s not an image I want. In my old grey haired hag days, I want to be viewed as wise, kind and strong.

And still very much in love with my family.

Read Joe Henderson’s column at Tampa Bay online.

Honor killings, gang rape and NOW

From here.

Why would you come to America and raise a family, if you hated the culture? Why would you raise a child here and then try to kill her for becoming “too Westernized”?

Short of maybe the Amish, who deliberately isolate themselves from the rest of the culture, there is no other group in America who can even come close to preventing the Westernization of their children. The Amish provide their own schools for their children. Most Muslims who come to America put their children in public school. They aren’t in Muslim schools, by and large. And even if they were, you can’t prevent exposure of your kids to Western traditions and morals and live in the suburbs. Amish don’t live among the ‘English’, on purpose. It is their choice and they don’t impose that choice on the rest of the nation. They live quietly and peacefully among their own. They don’t expect the rest of America to acquiesce to their religious beliefs or expect us all to turn off our electricity or disconnect our phones. Consequently, most Americans respect and admire the Amish. I know that I do.

Coming here as a Muslim, raising a family and then condemning your daughter to honor killing because she has a boyfriend or wants to be a cheerleader, is simply insane thinking.  Why did you come here? Why did you bring  your family here or start a family here? Why would you expect we would make concessions in our laws and our courtrooms, for your crazy belief that you can kill a female family member for ‘dishonoring’ you?

And where is the outrage? I know there are some brave bloggers out there like Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs and others who are speaking out loudly on this but they are few and alone in the forest. Where is NOW? Why do they not speak up about this? Why are they consistently silent on these events?

I am so incensed by this continuing to happen all over this country. And everyone is afraid to speak up because they’re MUSLIMS. There is no other reason for the silence from NOW and the left, or any other direction, for that matter. None. If you can give me a better answer, I want to hear it.

And while I’m on this rant, what about this 15 year old girl in Richmond, California who was gang raped for 2 hours with an enthusiastic filming audience? Where is NOW on this one? This is the National Organization for WHAT Women? Which ones do they represent? Just the ones who want abortion rights and want everyone in America to pay for it? Is that the only group? Because I’m not seeing them representing any other women in this nation.

NOW’s time has come and gone, long ago. They are a toothless group of old maids who need to retire and take a cruise somewhere… for a long, long time.