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I’ll take a Mormon any day over a Black Theology President

I’m not sure I’m a Romney fan and it has nothing at all to do with his faith. But if his religion is going to be an issue, then were was all the vetting about Obama’s 20 years of  pew sitting in the Black Theology church?

There is no comparison between the anti-American movement in Rev. Wright’s church and the LDS faith of Romney.  The Mormons are pro-America and pro-family and pro-community. Wright’s church is anti-every single thing that IS America. No one questioned this (aside from Hannity and a few others on the right) when Obama was running for office. No one took issue with this unAmerican theology that he listened to for 20 years.

I’d rather have a Mormon in office any day, over what we have now. I can count on one hand the number of times that Obama has been to church since he took office. And polls show that there are still a number of people who don’t know WHAT this president really believes in – aside from communism.  At least there is no question about Romney.

We have the same goal. Let’s focus on it.

The goal is to replace Obama next November and at this point there is not one GOP candidate who can do nearly as bad or worse than Obama has done for this nation.

There is no perfect candidate for any one of us. For me, Paul fails hugely on foreign policy; Perry’s immigration policy is hardly what I would agree with; Romney has that suitcase on his back called RomneyCare; Bachmann is just a little too strident. But I’ll take any one of them over Obama, any day. And I’m betting that most Conservatives agree with me – no matter what differences we might have with these candidates, they are head and shoulders better than the man in the Oval right now.

Right now, the democrats (now known as Marxists) are targeting the Tea party and from polling results, it appears it’s working for them.  Fewer people are viewing the Tea party in favorable terms. Fewer people agree with the Tea party message.  This is old news to most of you. But the fact is that the message is being stolen and perverted by the Marxists (once known as democrats) and we need to get that back.  The Tea party are the freedom fighters for all and we have to make that message known. Concentrating on the differences between candidates and not on the president and his Marxist party is to our peril.

I want to see the GOP candidates stop beating each other up and start showing us what they will do differently than Obama. They need to stop sniping at each other and focus on Obama’s failed administration.   We’ve got to be unified against the creeping socialism that is overtaking us or we will be doomed after November ’12.

Quote of the day – Mark Steyn

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

RomneyCare is not part of the solution; it embodies the problem. If Mitt Romney cannot recognize that, it’s unlikely that he’s the guy to pull American politics back into a passing acquaintance with reality. To put it in Obama terms, America is a moat, and it’s filled with government spendaholics. You could toss a poor alligator in there, but they’d pick him clean in seconds, and leave what was left for Nancy Pelosi’s shoes.

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