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Hitler: Obama probably failed lunch

This has been everywhere at least twice, but still, it cracks me up!

Mass. Senate Race: NBC News Cries Racism | The FOX Nation

New racist stereo type: You own a pickup, you’re a racist.

These people will never admit that there is actually an ideology break between this president and congress and the American people that has nothing, whatsoever, to do with race. But now even New Englanders are redneck, pickup driving, gun toting race haters.

My God. Will it ever end with these jerks? Will they ever get it?

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Coakley’s campaigners call news crew Nazi’s

H/T FoxNation.com

A page from the left’s playbook

Kerry/Edwards ’04 campaign in


Left-Wing Demons Viciously Attack HillBuzz Blog for Its Scott Brown Support… HillBuzz Is Fighting the Good Fight for America, So Needs Your Help

Massachusetts, Voter Fraud Alert: Why Is This Woman Handing Out Absentee Ballots Today? (video) – Update: Malkin Investigates

Wow… Massachusetts Miracle

Another Quote of the day – Barney Frank

“To the extent that she [Coakley] wasn’t doing as well as she expected, it was because the issues weren’t a factor in the race,” said Mr. Frank “It was a personality contest. Mr. Brown is not running as a kind of people committed conservative that he is and that he has the right to be.

He’s running as a nice guy.”

The Fells Acre injustice on Coakley’s doorstep

This is why this woman should never hold a seat, even on the PTA. She kept an innocent man in prison for almost 2 decades. What a total travesty. This woman, who started her campaign organization 2 weeks before Ted Kennedy was even dead, is now planning to sit in the United States Senate.

Be sure to listen to the audios and read the links. How this can even be a question in the minds of the Massachusetts voters is beyond me.

Wanna make the angry voter angrier? Keep blaming Bush.

“One thing the Democrats have done wrong? We haven’t kept the focus on this disaster on the Republicans who brought it upon us. We’ve tried too hard to do that right thing, and that’s to fix it, as opposed to spend more of our time and energy pointing the finger at who got us [here] in the first place.” Rep Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) after the president’s stump speech for “Marcia” Coakley.

Read more here. It’s a good one!

Has the right hijacked “the angry voter?”

What was just so recently a message, albeit fake, of Hope ‘n Change and Yes we can, has been replaced with ridicule for what the left is now calling “the angry voter.”  The A-word and the fact that those angry voters are voting against them, is by all public appearances, totally baffling to the left. They don’t understand why there are angry voters, they don’t want to understand it and don’t try to tell them why voters are angry because as far as they are concerned, this is all a right-wing “scheme.”

Yesterday, stumping for Coakley in MA,  Obama railed about what he sees as a republican strategy.  “[The republicans are] going to let them [the democrats] make the tough choices, and let them rescue the economy, and then we’re going to tap into that anger and frustration.”

Obama calls it a republican “sleight of hand.”

Obama and a parade of Democrats who appeared on stage before a crowd a local fire official put at 1,100 at Northeastern’s modest gymnasium spent much of their time trying to explain to the audience, and to themselves, how they had lost their grip on the public “anger” a word that has replaced “hope” as the emotion Democrats are trying to channel.

“The people of Massachusetts are angry, like they should be,” said Rep. Michael Capuano, a fiery Boston-area liberal who lost in the Democratic primary while running a different, more combative campaign that many local party officials now wish Coakley had run.

“They need to focus that anger in the right direction” – at “the people who put us in this position,” Capuano said.

Obama offered his own analysis of the voters’ anger.

“There were going to be some who stood on the sidelines, who were protectors of the big banks, protectors of the big insurance companies, protectors of the big drug companies who were going to say, ‘You know what, we can take advantage of this crisis,’” he told the crowd.

Paranoid much, Mr. Obama?

(As a side note, it’s interesting that he is blaming the right for being the protectors of the “big banks” but is it not his treasury secretary who is now on the Congressional hot seat for alleged back room dealings with Goldman-Sachs? The right is protecting the big drug companies? Is it not big Pharma who have been meeting behind closed doors with TheOne?)

But taking advantage of a crisis does sound a little Alinsky, doesn’t it?

Oh!  how it pains when the enemy uses your tactics against you, even when that only happens in your imagination.

What is it ol’ Saul said? Power is what the enemy THINKS you have.

The right is not looking for a crisis to take advantage of. They aren’t that devious. But yes, they are mad as hell. And this is a crisis the left cannot harness and make their own. If they try to do that, they will only further alienate and anger the voters.

This is all a precursor to what the next 10 months will be. This is the message that the left will be trying to carry: the angry voter being hijacked by the do-nothing, status quo right.

Obama debuted the message yesterday in Massachusetts. I think we’ll be hearing it a lot more in the coming months.

[Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0110/31596.html#ixzz0cxp6Rtk2]

Obama falls short and behind the guy in his pick-up

TheOne did no favors to Coakley yesterday when he flew in to stump for her and wow the crowd. He wowed nothing. First t hing he did was expound on the “Teddy Kennedy” legacy which right away brought to mind Scott Brown’s famous line (at 30 seconds on this clip):

“With all due respect. This is not the Kennedy seat, or the democrat’s seat. It’s the people’s seat.”

This is one of those spontaneous catch phrases that define and make a campaign. Brown’s campaign has been made.

TheOne then bragged on the prosecutorial record of Coakley. He said she was tough on criminals, putting CHILD RAPISTS behind bars. If I were on the Coakley team, I’d have been cringing about now. Her record as an AG? Read the 5 part series at BigJournalism.com by Gary Hewson to find out about her “illustrious” record as a prosecutor. About how she didn’t prosecute a cop who raped a 2 year old with a curling iron until the mother of the victim forced her to do something. Or how about her handling of pedophile  Father Geoghan’s child rape case?

Did TheOne really want to open that can of worms?

He admitted early on that he knew very little about Btown’s record but then spent most of his speech ridiculing the man who has stumped his entire state (until this weekend) in an own pick-up truck.

Brown has won this even if he never takes “the people’s seat” because he has provided much needed momentum and enthusiasm to the conservatives in this country, although he is not conservative by most standards. In a state like Massachusetts, what Scott Brown has done in the election cyle is nothing short of phenomenal.

“I’d cheat to keep these bastards out”

MSNBC’s fat Ed Schultz From Gateway Pundit:

Now we have national talking heads promoting voter fraud. It was bad enough that we still have the Black Panthers, SEIU and ACORN actually doing it, with absolutely NO Justice Department response to federal criminal acts, now we have fat loud mouths on cable networks encouraging it.

The ends justify ANY means…