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Jackson says repealing Obama Care is “creeping genocide”

from HotAir.com

Is that anything like what Planned Parenthood has been doing to the Black community for decades, Rev. Jackson?

More lies and deception: US funding abortions in Kenya

Even after TheOne signed an executive order that no taxpayer money would fund abortion in the US (and at this point we all know that was an act), he is providing $23million in taxpayer money to Kenya to promote a new constitution there that would legalize abortion.

From FoxNews.com.

One group that has received almost $3 million from the U.S. government, Development Alternatives, openly supported “advocating for efforts to eventually legalize abortion in Kenya,” [Rep. Chris] Smith said. Another group, The Committee of Experts on Constitutional Review in Kenya, changed the wording of the Kenyan constitution’s abortion clause to make abortion more widely accessible – and has received over $180,000 from the U.S.

But not only that, there is evidence that American entities (Planned Parenthood) are writing portions of the Kenyan constitution.

The federal probe also found that the Kenyan constitution was not actually written by Kenyans, but by “U.S.-funded NGOs, working in concert with Planned Parenthood,” Smith [of NJ] said.

But some Kenyans think that the role of American organizations like Planned Parenthood in drafting the Kenyan constitution compromises Kenyan sovereignty and assaults its cultural heritage.

And they are right. It does violate their sovereignty and that is precisely why we have laws to prevent us from doing this in other nations. It’s not our business to be writing constitutions in other nations. There is no question that our Constitution has been a model for nations worldwide, but to go in and actually write segments of it for other nations is -mmm- imperialism? Nation building without the bullets? Everything the doves in the left accuses the right of doing.

Theresa Okafor, CEO of Kenya’s Life League, said in a speech that the proposed constitution is “a conspiracy to strip Africa of its cherished values by international organizations like Planned Parenthood and the United Nations.”

“Africans regard every child as a blessing,” Okafor said. “Amidst biting poverty, the birth of a child is celebrated with pomp and pageantry. Children are treasures in Africa.”

Children should be treasures wherever they are born. Unfortunately, PP does not share that same view. And to my mind, what they are doing in Kenya is nothing short of a continued and creeping practice of genocide that started in America by Margaret Sanger.

Because abortion has never been an issue in Kenya until now, the country lacks an organized anti-abortion movement on the scale seen in the United States. But a number of church groups are mobilizing against the proposed constitution, as are some Kenyans who want to preserve the traditional culture of family values.