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Congress has nothing more important to do than babysit Americans. Budget? What Budget?

Don’t get me started on the overuse of anti-bacterial products. As a nurse, I’ve seen what happens in the disease world with the exuberant usage of this stuff and it’s all bad.

But on the other hand, doesn’t this congress have better things to concentrate on than this?  They want to take these products offf the market because it has an ingredient that might, someday, perhaps, cause some kind of health problem? No one has any evidence that it will, but by God, it MIGHT and we’re gonna be one step ahead of it! Triclosan is the bad ingredient they are after.

FDA testing so far, has shown no reason to ban it… but who knows what they’ll find in the future! So Markey and Slaughter are moving to ban this stuff from the market place because there’s always a chance that we will die from the overuse of hand gel cleansers and wipes… someday, in the future.

They are so off the mark it’s not even funny. Yep, people do die from the overuse of this stuff but it’s not the ingredients that kill them — it’s the bugs that have developed since we’ve become TOO clean, that are doing it. And you’ve all heard and read about these superbugs so I’m not going into that. We have adverstisers telling us that we have buy everything from antibacterial toys to douches, because we have to be CLEANER. And just try to find a soap that’s NOT antibacterial! That’s nearly impossible.

Plain old soap, bleach and common sense cleanliness is all anyone needs to do in their normal daily lives. These other products have a place in our lives, but their overuse has caused us more problems than I bet has been prevented.

But I digress and got off on the soapbox (pardon the pun) that I wasn’t going to go off on.

People have the right to buy whatever they want to buy. And if they want to buy this stuff – then let them. This nanny government is making everyone’s life miserable. I can so relate to Rand Paul’s rant over his toliets. We have 3 of them just like what he’s complained about. I hate these new curly fry lightbulbs! They don’t come on immediately like the old fashioned ones and they are made in CHINA, which really chaps my ass, plus you’re supposed to have a hazmat team to discard them!

These stupid democrats couldn’t create a budget last year, but they have time to worry about some obscure chemical that no one has any proof will hurt anyone. This is called justifying your job, because there’s no other reason for wasting time on this.