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Quote of the MONTH – Aaron Goldstein

from RedState.com

Scarcely a fortnight ago, Keith Olbermann was calling for Sarah Palin’s dismissal from politics.

Now Olbermann has been dismissed from the airwaves.

This is what we call poetic justice.

The American Spectator

I can hardly wait to hear what Rush and Levin have to say on Monday! And if Madcow, the DeadHeadEd and Matthews aren’t quaking in their boots, they’re just ignorant.

Quote of the Day – Aaron Goldstein

If Olbermann and other liberals are somehow successful in expunging Palin from public life as a result of this horrific tragedy, it will embolden them to dismiss the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, the whole Tea Party Movement and anybody else they deem to be undesirable. But if liberals succeed in ridding themselves of the riff-raff and still cannot bring about hope and change, then who will be left to blame? Liberals get no satisfaction in taking responsibility for their own actions.     Aaron Goldstein/ The American Spectator

We can only hope Olbermann’s on the ropes


The New Yorker has a good, but long-ish article about MSNBC’s biggest hate monger.

Olberman calls off his “street urchins.” But why?

This is a mighty suspicious backtrack by the biggest blowhard on cable tv.

He’s not backing off for the reasons he stated. Who’s he trying to kid here:

“Yet, all of this does raise an issue. Just because Fox and Beck have done this, do I want to? Do I want to, even for a moment, be Glenn Beck? I mean, I am risking at least three things he doesn’t have: the respect of my peers, self-respect, and a conscience.”

Gimme a break, you goofball. You’re not concerned about your image or self respect or the respect of your peers. This is a bunch of bullshit. And a conscience? Oh please. You’re about the most laughable bozo – well, next to Katie Curic – on television.

The truth is that somebody upstairs yanked your leash.

from jour3098.wordpress.com

from jour3098.wordpress.com