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Who are our allies? Do we have any left?

I got over being angry at that fruitcake Wikileaker a long time ago. The cables are out and there’s no point at being mad at the opportunistic, America-hating messenger.

No, now I’m really angry with our double crossing Obama government. He has given secret nuclear information about one of our loyalist allies to the Russians for their signature on some pie in the sky, idealistic, worthless treaty. A treaty that gives all to the communists and we get basically nothing in return.

Obama has offered up the Brits, betrayed their trust and spit on their friendship for what??? A Russian signature on a worthless piece of paper.

Are you going to see this story in the American press and media? Oh, I don’t think so. I didn’t even find it on Fox. It came via Drudge.  And yes, thousands read Drudge but millions more get their news from the likes of Katie Couric and Diane Sawyer, if they get news at all.  Hardly any one will know about this betrayal. Shouldn’t Congress demand answers to this, as well as many other things that the Obama regime is responsible for?

We have no friends left in the world because we have been a friend to NO ONE. This regime is courting the Muslim Brotherhood and pressuring the Israelis to give up more of their land. And for what?  The Israelis know better than anyone that you can’t trust the IslamoFacists. But our dreamy eyed president is hell bent on “reaching out to Islam.”

If we just forsake our allies and sacrifice them to the communists, marxists and fascists, then maybe the rest of the world will like us better. And these are the people we want to like us? The people who behead journalists and stone women. The guys who hang homosexuals. The Russians who never stand by their word and send descendants to Siberia.

The Obama regime is no better than any of these criminal nations. We don’t stand by our word or our principles. Obama’s government does not care about what’s best for this nation or our citizens. If it did, we would be strengthening our alliances, not undermining them.

I am ashamed of what this president has done to our allies and I’m afraid it will take years, if ever, to repair the damage he’s done. Can you imagine 4 more years of this man?

One Israeli official said that “the problem with having the U.S. as a friend is, you never know when they will stab THEMSELVES in the back.” Well, we have done it repeatedly over the last couple of years and no one should wonder when our former allies start pulling away from us, why they are doing it.

Another call for a Muslim Cosby-like sit-com. Would they do an honor killing episode?

I actually thought that “Little Mosque on the Prairie” was a joke but it’s apparently a Canadian sit-com that’s been airing since ’07.  Those forward seeing Canucks have been ahead of us for that long!

Recently,  there’s been a call from Katie Couric and now Clarence Page (a Black journalist) is on board for the networks to do our own version of a muslim Cosby show. Page says that the muslim community in America has replaced the Black Americans as the lowest of the low in our society: since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks: Muslims have become the new “Negroes,” the new occupants of the bottom-rung scary-minority status long occupied by us African-Americans.

I’m not going to argue that Muslims are “the scary-minority”. It is what it is. Even fellow Black journalist/commentator Juan Williams has his share of Islamophobia.
But on the topic of a Cosby-type show for the average Muslim family living in America, here’s a take I wonder if any Hollywood writers would consider:
The beautiful Muslim actress, Afshan Azad was in an English courtroom because her 28 year old brother beat her. The 21 year old actress’ crime was that she had a Hindu boyfriend. Although she endured 3 hours of  being punched, strangled, and dragged by her hair by her brother, she still pleaded for the judge’s leniency during the sentencing hearing, and asked he not be jailed.
Not only did she endure this nightmare experience at the hands of her older brother but on other occasions she  was threatened and verbally abused by her parents. And all in the name of dishonoring her Muslim family. Interesting story at FoxNews.
Afshan Azad who played in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Photo from aceshowbiz.com
Yes, this all happened in England but the same if not worse has been happening in America for a long time, and has largely gone unnoticed by the media here. I don’t think anyone has to wonder why the media wants to cover-up these atrocities. There are cases in Phoenix, in Texas and in New York of women and girls being beaten, murdered and beheaded that no one wants to talk about.
Oh, I can see this story line on a Cosby-like Muslim show: controlling your young daughter who is in love with an infidel. Or the question of living in a republic that conflicts with sharia law.
The Cosby Show was about 2 educated, professional parents raising a family. It just so happens they were a black family but their story and humor resonated across all races in America. How can a Muslim family sit-com do the same thing when the devout  must follow sharia law and that includes punishing daughters and wives who fall short of their horrendous laws?
I look at this pretty girls picture and wonder when it will be her turn to die. How soon before it happens to her?  And at the hands of the people who gave her life.
This is a story line that I don’t see any networks ever picking up.

Thanks to Katie Couric I learned a useless word today

“As Seth Meyers might say on Weekend Update, Really?!” Couric, who watches the show [Glee] with her daughters, said of the photos. “These very adult photos of young women who perform in a family show just seem so un-‘Glee’-like. The program is already edgy in the right ways, these images don’t really — in my humble opinion — fit the ‘Glee’ gestalt.

Do you even know what gestalt means? Do you even care? I’ve heard the word before, but never bothered to find out what it really meant and until I heard her commentary, I didn’t care either.  So I looked it up.

I was still in the dark after I read the definition:


1. a configuration, pattern, or organized field having specific properties that cannot be derived from the summation of its component parts; a unified whole.
2. an instance or example of such a unified whole.
I then scrolled down the page to find the origin:

1922, from Ger. Gestaltqualität  (1890, introduced by Ger. philosopher Christian von Ehrenfels, 1859-1932), from M.H.G. gestalt  “form, configuration, appearance,” abstracted from ungestalt  “deformity,” noun use of adj. ungestalt  “misshapen,” from gestalt,  obsolete pp. of stellen  “to place, arrange.” As a school of psychology, it was founded c.1912.
ah! A school of psychology! A German school of psychology! I’ll come back to this  at a  later date.

The thesaurus gives synonyms like contour, shape, structure, outline and form. You understand those words, right? They sure are more a part of our daily language than is GESTALT.  Why didn’t she use one of those words to say that these particular photos didn’t follow the STRUCTURE or even better, the IMAGE of what this show has produced to the public?

Couric used this high brow word  – GESTALT – in order to make us feel stupid or certainly less smart than the elitist speaker is. This is kind of funny since Couric is the lightest weight in television, next to say – Harry Smith. So maybe she’s using the word to elevate herself among the elitists she is trying so hard to be part of.

I don’t know.

I do know that a year or 2 ago, I would have felt like I WAS stupid for not knowing what she’s talking about. Now I see the game she and other elitists are playing on us.  They want those of us who don’t live on the left or right coast, but in the middle fly-over country, to know that we are nothing more than pumpkins.  As Laura Ingraham said the other day: we drive big trucks, keep big guns and have big families – they don’t like any of that.

In short, they don’t like us.

The sooner we realize that these people are not just condescending to the vast majority of Americans, but they really don’t like us, and we stop watching and listening to them, the sooner they will either come around or go away.

I vote for GO AWAY. But then, I don’t watch network tv, anyway.

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