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Obama’s numbers still to sink: Oprah’s end days result in a randy resurrection?

The longer OBAMA dithers on sending troops to Afghanistan, the more support for the war is eroding, this according to this morning’s Rasmussen polls. Is this a calculated plan or an unintended consequence? A month ago, 45% of those polled believed we could still win this war as opposed to 39% today.

Did the commie cabal in the White House know that this was likely to happen? Or is this another “lucky” break for them? If public support continues to fall off, it will make it easier for him to extracate us from this mess.

Or is it an indication that most Americans don’t trust him as a leader to manage and command a war – or a country?

His approval rating has been in minus double digits for the last 9 consecutive days;  at -13 today.

But we can still take heart: 24% of those polled say they watch Oprah, at least occasionally. (insert rolley eyed emoticon here, please.) And although she has tearfully announced to a likewise tearful audience that the end days are coming for her show, Oprah is in the works with HBO on a  really sexy series.

The writer of this hour long program for HARPO Films is the same gal who wrote Secretary, which starred James Spader and Meg Gyllenhaal. When I read this I had to laugh out loud as it was described as “the story of a boss-secretary relationship that veers into S&M.”

VEERS? if you’ve seen Secretary, you know it does not veer – it dive bombs into serious kink!

Oprah’s new HBO series pilot is about a woman who leaves her husband, kids and home in sunny suburban Santa Monica to embark on a voyage of self discovery and live out her fantasies (of the sexually dark and seedy kind) in a dark and seedy part of L.A. She disappears so abruptly that her family initially believes she’s been kidnapped or murdered… or both.

ahhhhhhhh…. interesting times.