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This is not spin. He just doesn’t get it or he’s insulting us.

from FoxNews. Obama's election night call to likely next House Speaker, John Bohener.

“Yesterday’s vote confirmed what I’ve heard from folks all across America. People are frustrated, they’re deeply frustrated with the pace of our economic recovery.”

I think most Americans are past the frustration stage and that Obama is spinning this for himself because he can’t convince anyone else of this. The people aren’t frustrated, they’ve just had enough.

Frustration ended months ago after being repeatedly ignored by those who work for us. It ended months ago with his attitude that I wasn’t smart enough to understand this monster bill and then I became the enemy. We tried to tell them they were going too far and they wouldn’t listen. As Krauthammer said today, there never was a real hurry to take over health care. There was no emergency. If we concede that there are some 30 or 45 million people without health insurance (and I would argue that number is actually half to a third of that) there could be ways to address that without throwing the entire system out the window. Instead of paying attention to the lack of jobs and the continuing unemployment, he threw himself into taking over and ruining the best health care in the world.

What he’s done to me and millions of others is raise my insurance premiums by $24 a month and that will never go down again.

This guy just will not believe that his agenda is contrary to everything Americans believe in and want. He’s going to continue to fall back on a lack of communication with the people, he just didn’t do a good enough job explaining this to us. I don’t need to have someone explain to me that my premiums have gone up 8%. All I need to do is read my monthly bank statement.

I don’t need to have him tell me how I feel and why. I’m beyond frustrated. I’m angry. I want to go back to the days when I didn’t see the president 3 times a day, every day and I didn’t think about him everyday: the days when I didn’t worry every morning what the government was going to do to me and my kids next.

I want him and his regulating czars to get out of our lives and leave us alone. They can all go to India and I don’t care if they never come back.

Hey all you America hating terrorists, those nuke launch codes are in the glove compartment!

From India Today via Drudge:

Earlier, Obama’s daughters Sasha and Malia were not to be part of the trip. But sources revealed that Michelle’s opinion prevailed and now the girls would accompany the first American couple to India.

The US president will make a historic trip to the Taj Mahal along with his family. His visit is historic in terms of logistics which is the largest ever for a visiting US president.

Elaborate security arrangements
The presidential entourage will have 40 aircraft, including the Air Force One that will ferry the president. There will be six armoured cars, including four Barack Mobiles and a Cadillac.

Cadillac is equipped with a mini communication centre to enable Obama to be in touch with the White House, US vice president and the US strategic command. It also has the US nuke launch codes and it can withstand a chemical or germ warfare and a bomb attack.

Two secret service command posts will be set up in Delhi and Mumbai to act as the communication nerve centres. These will monitor the president’s movement with real time satellite monitoring.

Three Marine One choppers will be reassembled in India to ferry the president and his family and to evacuate them in case of any emergency.


Hey, thanks for alerting the world where Obama keeps the nuclear launch codes!!! Great job there!

My first question is this: if this trip requires this much security, maybe he should not be going? Just sayin’.

Second: why is the whole family going? Is there not another time they can go to India, like 2013, after he is no longer in office?

And third: what’s the return on our money going to be for this extravaganza?

Obama’s India dilemma – turban or no

I love this picture. . . whoever he is.

News that President Obama may skip a visit to the Golden Temple, the holy shrine to millions of Sikhs on his upcoming trip to India, is a sign of the confused times in which we find ourselves.

Part of the requirement for entering the Golden Temple — a sprawling and serene complex of polished marble that is the spiritual center of the Sikh religion — is that men must cover their heads. Their head-covering has to include a knot because tying carries a spiritual significance.
President Obama may reportedly skip the visit to avoid covering his head and being confused as “a Muslim”! A recent poll found that 20 percent of Americans still believe that Obama, a Christian, is actually Muslim.

(My Note: I’m not going to link to this story because I don’t want a bunch of leftist trolls coming over here. You can find and read it at the Huffington Post, by Joe Esposito.  And I guess if you listen to NPR, you already know this story. I heard about it over the weekend from a friend who does listen to NPR.)

(CNSNews.com) – Reports that President Obama has decided not to visit a historic Sikh temple during his visit to India next month are sure to upset adherents of one of the world’s largest religions.

President Obama has been invited to visit the world’s biggest democracy by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh – who happens also to be India’s first Sikh prime minister.

Reports from India attribute the White House decision to call off a planned visit to the Golden Temple in Amritsar to concerns that the head covering Obama would be expected to wear at the shrine might revive suspicions in the U.S. that the president is a Muslim.

Ironically, the fact that Sikhs are at times mistaken for Muslims was one of the reasons Sikh leaders in the U.S. welcomed the news that Obama would visit the site.

Read more here. And do read this story, please.

When I was in London a couple years ago, I met a really nice Sikh man who owned a tourist shop. He was more than happy to explain his turban and its religious significance. These folks are nothing like muslims but are often mistaken for them, by Americans.

Obama-ites need to stay out of the deep end

Biggest bungle of a lifetime: party crashers with Biden, initially blamed on a Secret Service lapse.

Desiree Rogers, best known for her bungling of the Indian state dinner at the White House that allowed uninvited guests into the presidential bubble, has apparently resigned for greener pastures. How any pastures can be any greener than the White House, is beyond me, however.

Asked if she was hit hard by the resignation [of Desiree Rogers], longtime friend and White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett told POLITICO in an e-mail: “No, it didn’t hit me hard. Desiree never intended to stay more than about a year.”

An easy-out, kinda like “I’m resigning to spend more time with my family.”  Kinda like the easy-out of Anita Dunn, who only planned on being in the WH for the first year.

Yea, sure. We all believe that. (insert rolley eyed emoticon here.)

Around the same time, she began appearing at fashion shows in New York City without telling anyone in the East Wing and committing the first lady to events without reaching out to East Wing staffers, the source said.

At one point, Rogers wondered why she didn’t have her own driver, the source said.

There’s that entitlement mentality again: “I want my own driver, a personal secretary and a chef. After all, I’m owed this for the bang-up job I’m doing for my BFF! Who gives a damn if the tax payers are paying for me and all this bling!”

Desiree Rogers from the WSJ Magazine

“It became the Desiree show,” the source said. “She was far more interested in being a principal herself and people started to notice, including the First Lady.”

No one better upstage Michelle or she’ll flex those famous and envied biceps of hers. She’ll put you right out of the People’s House.

“The West Wing was really embarrassed by Desiree’s behavior,” the source said.

“She never really seemed to get the protocol and what was appropriate and what wasn’t,” the source said. “She was politically tone deaf in a way that you wonder how she made it in the corporate world.”

More evidence that this WH is in over their head. Another high profile member of the Chicago staff who has no clue what the job really is or how to even behave in the position. If you can’t swim with the big fish, stay out of the water and it’s for damned sure, don’t go in over  your knees!

These people are utterly clueless and one after another, they keep drowning from their lack of class.

From Politico.com