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1st Amendment right trashed again by the Leftists in the Senate

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – An angry Mitch McConnell took to the Senate floor Tuesday afternoon to blast a federal investigation of Louisville-based Humana.

It all started when Humana was ordered by the feds to stop sending a letter to clients. The letter warns clients that the proposed health care plan involves cuts to Medicaid that could cause them to lose some benefits and services.

In his comments, McConnell said:

“Is this what we believe as a Senate – that this body should debate a trillion-dollar health care bill that affects every American while using the powerful arm of government to shut down speech? Is this how citizens and companies can expect to be treated if health reform passes? That any health provider that disagrees with a powerful senator will be subject to an investigation and a gag order?”

It was Sen. Max Baucus who asked that Humana be investigated. Baucus is the author of a major health care reform package currently in the Senate.

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