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Another call for a Muslim Cosby-like sit-com. Would they do an honor killing episode?

I actually thought that “Little Mosque on the Prairie” was a joke but it’s apparently a Canadian sit-com that’s been airing since ’07.  Those forward seeing Canucks have been ahead of us for that long!

Recently,  there’s been a call from Katie Couric and now Clarence Page (a Black journalist) is on board for the networks to do our own version of a muslim Cosby show. Page says that the muslim community in America has replaced the Black Americans as the lowest of the low in our society: since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks: Muslims have become the new “Negroes,” the new occupants of the bottom-rung scary-minority status long occupied by us African-Americans.

I’m not going to argue that Muslims are “the scary-minority”. It is what it is. Even fellow Black journalist/commentator Juan Williams has his share of Islamophobia.
But on the topic of a Cosby-type show for the average Muslim family living in America, here’s a take I wonder if any Hollywood writers would consider:
The beautiful Muslim actress, Afshan Azad was in an English courtroom because her 28 year old brother beat her. The 21 year old actress’ crime was that she had a Hindu boyfriend. Although she endured 3 hours of  being punched, strangled, and dragged by her hair by her brother, she still pleaded for the judge’s leniency during the sentencing hearing, and asked he not be jailed.
Not only did she endure this nightmare experience at the hands of her older brother but on other occasions she  was threatened and verbally abused by her parents. And all in the name of dishonoring her Muslim family. Interesting story at FoxNews.
Afshan Azad who played in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Photo from aceshowbiz.com
Yes, this all happened in England but the same if not worse has been happening in America for a long time, and has largely gone unnoticed by the media here. I don’t think anyone has to wonder why the media wants to cover-up these atrocities. There are cases in Phoenix, in Texas and in New York of women and girls being beaten, murdered and beheaded that no one wants to talk about.
Oh, I can see this story line on a Cosby-like Muslim show: controlling your young daughter who is in love with an infidel. Or the question of living in a republic that conflicts with sharia law.
The Cosby Show was about 2 educated, professional parents raising a family. It just so happens they were a black family but their story and humor resonated across all races in America. How can a Muslim family sit-com do the same thing when the devout  must follow sharia law and that includes punishing daughters and wives who fall short of their horrendous laws?
I look at this pretty girls picture and wonder when it will be her turn to die. How soon before it happens to her?  And at the hands of the people who gave her life.
This is a story line that I don’t see any networks ever picking up.

Honor killings, gang rape and NOW

From here.

Why would you come to America and raise a family, if you hated the culture? Why would you raise a child here and then try to kill her for becoming “too Westernized”?

Short of maybe the Amish, who deliberately isolate themselves from the rest of the culture, there is no other group in America who can even come close to preventing the Westernization of their children. The Amish provide their own schools for their children. Most Muslims who come to America put their children in public school. They aren’t in Muslim schools, by and large. And even if they were, you can’t prevent exposure of your kids to Western traditions and morals and live in the suburbs. Amish don’t live among the ‘English’, on purpose. It is their choice and they don’t impose that choice on the rest of the nation. They live quietly and peacefully among their own. They don’t expect the rest of America to acquiesce to their religious beliefs or expect us all to turn off our electricity or disconnect our phones. Consequently, most Americans respect and admire the Amish. I know that I do.

Coming here as a Muslim, raising a family and then condemning your daughter to honor killing because she has a boyfriend or wants to be a cheerleader, is simply insane thinking.  Why did you come here? Why did you bring  your family here or start a family here? Why would you expect we would make concessions in our laws and our courtrooms, for your crazy belief that you can kill a female family member for ‘dishonoring’ you?

And where is the outrage? I know there are some brave bloggers out there like Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs and others who are speaking out loudly on this but they are few and alone in the forest. Where is NOW? Why do they not speak up about this? Why are they consistently silent on these events?

I am so incensed by this continuing to happen all over this country. And everyone is afraid to speak up because they’re MUSLIMS. There is no other reason for the silence from NOW and the left, or any other direction, for that matter. None. If you can give me a better answer, I want to hear it.

And while I’m on this rant, what about this 15 year old girl in Richmond, California who was gang raped for 2 hours with an enthusiastic filming audience? Where is NOW on this one? This is the National Organization for WHAT Women? Which ones do they represent? Just the ones who want abortion rights and want everyone in America to pay for it? Is that the only group? Because I’m not seeing them representing any other women in this nation.

NOW’s time has come and gone, long ago. They are a toothless group of old maids who need to retire and take a cruise somewhere… for a long, long time.