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Daniel Hannan: Worth hearing again and last week in Atlanta at the Heritage Foundation

Hannan could be speaking to Obama and the Democrats in this very famous tirade:

Now, hear him last week at the Atlanta Heritage Foundation. Go to MyHeritage.org and sign in after clicking on his video on their home page. This man is such a phenomenal speaker and authority on American history. This video from last week in Atlanta is absolutely terrific. If you have time to listen, you won’t be disappointed.

“The worst impact of this growth of government is not – it’s chief ill is not that it makes the economy less competitive, it’s that it makes people less decent. It frays the bounds which used to tie society together.”

“My friends, you are not simply a random set of individuals born to another set of random individuals. You are the inheritors and the guardians of an exalted tradition.”   Daniel Hannan


Soldiers Mail – a beautiful historical tribute

Every now and then someone posts a comment here which leads me to an exceptional blog.

Soldiers Mail is one of those.

This is a beautiful website and you could get lost for hours reading there.  I just can’t tell you how exceptional and well written this blog is.

Please check it out and read an entry. I promise you will be hooked to keep reading. It’s a tender, beautiful glimpse of history that I pray is never lost to us.

Thank you to the blogger/author of Soldiers Mail, whoever you are. It’s a wonderful service you are doing..