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Repeal it before the damage can’t be undone

The hope we have.

The next congress has to repeal this as soon as possible. It will bankrupt our nation and our children. Positive changes can be made in health care but not by an abolition of the entire system. And at a price that no generation can possibly afford. I understand that this is nothing short of another step in the destruction of the American society, by the Marxists that now run the country. But we will weather this and put them back under the rocks they came out of, after November.

On another topic: I noticed that Pelosi’s rhetoric has changed in the last few days. Last night in her victory speech she invoked the “founding fathers”, the Declaration of Independence, called the bill “All American” and used the word “patriotic”. Do you suppose she is beginning to pander to the tea party and other patriot organizations before her next run this year? Is she trying to create an atmosphere that is more friendly to the Congressmen and women who put their careers on the line to vote for this stupid bill? I think so. I think she is aware of the political suicide she was asking of them and she feels a bit responsible by trying to soften the hearts of the electorate for those cowardly colleagues of hers.

The next topic to be tackled by this president and Congress will be amnesty and immigration reform. Between cap and trade and this, the one that will change society most will be immigration reform. It will assure the democrats a huge voting bloc for years to come. That might be the pay-off that Obama thinks he owes the democrats who slit their own throats last night to vote for his health care reform.

I do believe one thing for certain: If this vote didn’t do in the Arizona Congressmen and women who voted last night in favor of Obama’s destructive health care bill, if they go along with immigration reform, it will.