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ObamaCare circa 2012

Our future under ObamaCare

Joe Klein, easily the stupidest columnist on the left. Keep him there!

There is so much to debunk in this column, almost every line of it, but I’ll leave it to you to do. You’re smarter readers than any one who subscribes to this left wing rag. And Joe Klein is an idiot of the highest order – always has been; back in the days when I actually read this magazine. He’s the kind of guy you’re glad isn’t on your side.

The best part to me is that he thinks the ACORN story that Fox helped break, was not important. $53million of tax dollars is not important to this leftist dick. Okay, then I’m sending him my yearly tax bill and he can pay it since this is no big deal to him. And I’m all on having communists in the government… not.

But even this mororn is concerned that Obama is using all these side attacks as a distraction:

It’s not certain that the President’s efforts from health care to Afghanistan will succeed. We’ll know a lot more in a month, but I really hope the White House hasn’t launched this attack to fill the public space while the other issues are being sorted out.

Jeeeeeeeeesus. And this guy actually draws a paycheck…  Can you imagine?

Joe Klein at Time.com


Let me be precise here: Fox News peddles a fair amount of hateful crap. Some of it borders on sedition. Much of it is flat out untrue.

But I don’t understand why the White House would give such poisonous helium balloons as Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity the opportunity for still greater spasms of self-inflation by declaring war on Fox.

If the problem is that stories bloated far beyond their actual importance–ACORN’s corruption, Van Jones’s radical past–are in danger of leaching out of the Fox hothouse into the general media, then perhaps the Administration should be a bit more diligent about whom it hires and whom it funds.

If the problem is broader–that Fox News spreads seditious lies to its demographic sliver of an audience–the Administration should probably be stoic: the wingnuts will always be with us. The best antidote to their garbage is elegant, intelligent governance. The next-best antidote is occasional engagement: I thought Obama came away from his O’Reilly and Chris Wallace interviews much the better for it. (Though you don’t want to sit down with a thug like Hannity or a weirdo like Beck.)

The problem with war is that it diverts attention from the actual news. The Administration has tried to pursue a sophisticated, difficult domestic and foreign policy. It doesn’t offer the quick-fix irresponsibility of a tax cut or an invasion. It needs space, time and patience to explain. This is an enervating, midstream moment. It’s not certain that the President’s efforts from health care to Afghanistan will succeed. We’ll know a lot more in a month, but I really hope the White House hasn’t launched this attack to fill the public space while the other issues are being sorted out. The long-term costs of stooping to Fox’s level are not just bad posture; they are a diminution of the office and its primary occupant.
Read more: http://swampland.blogs.time.com/2009/10/23/outfoxed/comment-page-8/#comment-105154#ixzz0Uya7hGNp

If you make less than $250K you won’t be taxed? Guess again!


When will the American people figure out that CORPORATIONS DON”T PAY TAXES?

PEOPLE PAY TAXES! All these taxes are passed onto the consumer.

This $29B added to the health care bill will be paid by the consumer, not the medical industry. And who is the biggest consumer of the medical industry? Senior citizens.

Now Pelosi is talking about a value added tax.

What happened to that pledge and promise from TheOne? Not one thin dime? Remember that?

Will he get a pass on this lie, too? Oh, you betcha!

PJTV’s humorous PSA response

The more stuff I see from these Hollywood types, whether it’s ads that patronize us into favoring government run health care or telling us it’s not “rape-rape,” the more righteous I’m feeling about NOT supporting them or their work.

Diminishing the impact and looking stupid

Holocaust? Oh come on. How much lower on the name calling and vilifying  will they get? Will Nancy come out with her crocodile tears and bemoan the mean spirited exchanges coming from her house? I doubt it because they think they are justified in their attacks.

Keep throwing out these charged words (racist, nazi, holocaust, klansmen) and you diminish their meanings.

If this is the level of intelligence we have making our laws, this is then an indicator of how smart we are.

More from Michael Moore-on

Don’t we all want Michael Moore to have our backs? LMAO

Be sure and listen to his 2 minute video. It’s a hoot!

Quote of the Day – Richard Cohen

The trouble with Obama is that he gets into the moment and means what he says for that moment only. He meant what he said when he called Afghanistan a “war of necessity” — and now is not necessarily so sure. He meant what he said about the public option in his health-care plan — and then again maybe not. He would not prosecute CIA agents for getting rough with detainees — and then again maybe he would.

Richard Cohen/Washington Post

You won’t be taxed – not one slim dime – but you WILL be fined!

Senate ObamaCare bill fines families $3800 per year for ignoring mandate

posted at 5:25 pm on September 9, 2009 by Ed Morrissey
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Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) released his general plan for the Senate version of ObamaCare yesterday, and it portends some hefty costs for American families.  Baucus stripped out the public option but left in place individual mandates to buy insurance — and backed them with big fines, administered by the IRS.  Each family could pay up to $3800 per year for failing to get government-approved coverage:

A bipartisan group of senators huddled in the afternoon to decide whether to move forward on an overhaul plan that Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D., Mont.) began circulating over the weekend. The plan includes some of the stiffest penalties Congress has proposed for Americans who don’t carry health insurance coverage.

Sen. Baucus emerged from a meeting with the six-member bipartisan group saying he had given his colleagues until 10 a.m. Wednesday to provide feedback on his draft. The group will meet again Wednesday afternoon in an attempt to come up with an agreement before Mr. Obama’s address.

Under the plan, people who earn between 100% and 300% of the poverty level (or between about $22,000 a year and $66,000 a year for a family of four) would face fees ranging from $750 to $1,500 a year.

For taxpayers with incomes above 300% of poverty, the penalty starts at $950 a year and reaches as high as $3,800 for families. Nearly 12 million people fit in this category, according to the National Institute for Health Care Management.

Individual mandates are bad enough, at least constitutionally speaking.  States have insurance mandates for drivers, but those are predicated on accessing public roads, not private enterprise.  The courts should make minced meat out of an argument that Congress has the power to compel citizens to buy insurance for any reason, let alone health insurance.

But the problem here goes beyond the mandate, and even beyond the fine.  Who will manage this mandate?  Who determines the validity or non-validity of insurance coverage?  That bastion of medical knowledge, the Internal Revenue Service.  Taxpayers will have to provide proof of insurance from the previous tax year to avoid the fines.  If the IRS doesn’t consider the coverage adequate, families could be out the cost of the coverage and the fine.  They can appeal any negative verdicts, of course … to the IRS.

The IRS hasn’t the expertise, nor the flexibility, to manage the nation’s health-insurance coverages.  This is a tremendously bad idea.  As I wrote earlier, who in this country believes that the IRS doesn’t intrude enough into their lives?