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Why is the CDC misleading America’s seniors?

H1N1 Virus

In the federal government’s explanations of swine flu, through its Web site and public-service announcements, one message has come through loud and clear: seniors can rest easy. Children face a much greater risk from this disease, and they are dying from it in numbers never seen with regular, seasonal flu. Maybe seniors even have some special immunity to H1N1.

There’s only one problem: according to a new analysis, the CDC’s own numbers show clearly and unequivocally that H1N1 is more than twice as deadly to seniors as to children. As a result, “many older adults undoubtedly underestimate their own risk and the importance of getting vaccinated,” says Peter Sandman, a longtime scholar of risk communication. “Older adults have been told they don’t have to worry, and that’s not true. If the virus comes back, people will die.”

From Newsweek

Why do you suppose the government is  promoting this false sense of security among the older population? If you’re a conspiracy nut like I’m becoming, it’s not a giant leap to figure this out.

Mr.President, You’re overplaying your hand

Last week as I was leaving work, Jane texted me and asked if she should get the H1N1 vaccine. She teaches 2nd grade and could get the shot for free.

I told her that I would not get it and working in long term care, I too have been eligible to get the shot for free. I did get the seasonal flu shot and have every year.

She texted me back and said she would follow my advice.

Today I see this: 800,000 vaccines recalled and this. 83% of those answering this poll (and it’s not a scientific poll) say that they do not believe that the H1N2 “crisis” is real: that it’s not as serious as we have been told it was going to be. And now, there is worry that there will be a vaccine surplus because “public interest [in this so-called crisis] is waning.”

It’s very heartening to see that most of us are not buying the “sky is falling” crisis that this administration wants us to believe. At least, we are not buying this one. But when every single month a new emergency, another great crisis, will be landing on our doorstep or crashing our banks or endangering our lives, we start to catch on.

We are not going to live in fear of some unnamed, unknown calamity that YOU, Mr.Obama, keep telling us we are in for if we don’t jump on your bandwagon and give up our choices and our rights. You are not going to scare us into acting without knowing or understanding the reason for action and the consequences of acting.

I think this is one hand that you, Mr.Obama might have over played. Change your tactics. This one is no longer working.

h/t to Arlenearmy: check out her link

It’s important that you not miss this.

Arlenearmy posted this as a comment and I don’t want it to be missed.

The vast majority of those tested came back negative for the h1n1 virus and then the states were ordered to stop testing.



Dont come at my arm with that size needle! boy howdy!!!

Don't come at my arm with that size needle! boy howdy!!!

I for one, will not be getting this shot. This whole thing smells too funny to me. I got the seasonal flu shot – free at work. I’ll be passing up the h1n1. This is more and more looking like a fabrication and Arlene provides us with more information in that direction.

My only warning: CBS had better watch out. Doing REAL journalism might get them black-balled next.

Could H1N1 be Obama’s Katrina?

Call me a conspiracy nut but this might very well be Obama’s Katrina.

Indulge me for a moment.

Never let a good crisis go to waste. And what if you can’t wait or depend on a natural crisis – like hurricane Katrina  or another 1989 San Francisco earthquake – to occur? Obama might be the messiah to some people but he can’t yet cause hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes to happen.

However, he can do 2 things.

How ’bout he creates his own crisis and calls it a “national emergency”? What if this flu isn’t as bad as the WH says it is? What if it isn’t the “national emergency” that he has declared it to be but he amplifys it into something really scary for his own nefarious reasons?

Or what if it is that bad – and worse – and he’s exploiting it for his own gain?

Agree or not, many pundits and historians claim that president Bush’s public opinion took a severe downturn that he never really recovered from, when Katrina happened and complaints were that his administration didn’t respond quickly enough or sensitively enough. Obama could be using this flu as a  “national emergency” to bolster his sagging approval ratings. Yanno, make the comparison between him and Bush and who did a better job of managing a “national crisis.”

Silly, you say? Bush is long gone, true enough but Obama has continued his campaign against Bush since he took his own botched oath of office. The problem is that these going on 3 year stump speeches are getting old to most of us.

It’s unfortunate to see the sinister in everything but TheOne has surrounded himself with such bullies that nothing they do or say can go unchecked. Why do you pick the friends you do? Because they reflect behaviors that we see or want to see in ourselves.  Remember what your mom told you: moms have always been the wisest creatures on earth.

Not to down play the deaths, especially of children, due to this flu. Those are tragic and untimely. But I can no longer take what anyone in the WH tells me at face value. And I don’t put it passed those guys in the administration to use this pandemic and the tragedy that goes with it, as a vehicle to further Obama’s own agenda: make him look like the savior they all believe him to be – the savior they all want US to believe he is.

The flu is here. People are getting sick and many are tragically dying. Those are facts that can’t be disputed. Whether this president uses this event for self aggrandizement, I guess we’ll see.