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Is your car warranty still good? Better find out.

“Let me say this as plainly as I can. If you buy a car from Chrysler or General Motors, you will be able to get your car serviced and repaired just like always,” Obama said in a speech. “Your warranty will be safe. In fact, it will be safer than it has ever been. Because starting today, the United States will stand behind your warranty.”

But now GM is saying it’s not responsible for “old GM” warranties.  A lady has file a class action lawsuit because “new GM” is refusing to honor the warranty on her Impala.

2008 Chevy Imapala

“There are no specific factual allegations that New GM — as opposed to Old GM — did anything at all in relation to her vehicle,” [Ben] Jeffers [GM attorney] wrote. “Plaintiff here is trying to saddle new GM with the alleged liability and conduct of old GM.”
And this comes as a surprise to who? Why would anyone expect that Obama would keep his word? And make no mistake, this has the face of Obama all over it. GM and Chrysler are Obama and his union’s babies.
If I owned a GM made before 2009, I’d sell it as quick as I could and get myself a Ford.
But I already own a Ford.

Michelle Obama, spending our money in Spain – GM making political donations again

The Washington Post reports that GM has given $41,000 to the Congressional Black Caucus. Why didn’t they give that money back to the American people since it was us who bailed them and their UNIONS out? Why did the CBC even take the money in light of that fact? Why isn’t the CBC even a little concerned with the financial plight of the people they represent? (Isn’t there something a little racist about a congressional BLACK caucus, anyway? Try to develop a CWC and see what kind of outcry that will cause!)

(GM is not Government Motors. It’s really GUM – Government/Union Motors and  you will never catch me driving a Chevy or Buick.)

Nearly a half a million people are unemployed and today, Drudge reports that food stamp usage is at an all time high while Michelle Obama enjoys a fantasy weekend in Spain with a couple dozen of her closest friends. All the while, those in the WH and Congress are telling us that we will have to make sacrifices during this economic crisis.

Today on the web pages of The New York Daily News there are photo galleries with these headlines and pull quotes:

First Lady of style

Meet Michelle Obama – a superachiever who made it to the White House while keeping her family priority No. 1.

It must be love

The First Couple makes time for romance as well as politics.

Barack Obama: He’s just like us

He may be the President of the United States, but Obama is still just a regular Joe.

The photos made me so angry that I had to stop clicking through them.  I have never seen such tone deaf politicians in my life. They have absolutely no concern about how their extravagance appears to the American people, who are pinching pennies and trying to hold onto jobs and make mortgage payments – let alone take a vacation! And we are paying for all this fun in the sun that the Obamas and their friends are enjoying!

As Andrea Tantaros points out in her column today, why is Michelle spending money in Spain when we have an entire nation she could use as her playground? How about the gulf coast? What would a long weekend there, by Michelle and her buddies, do for the tourism industry that’s been hit so hard this summer?

Are any of you old enough to remember the uproar from the press when Nancy Reagan purchased new china for the WH, although she never used one tax dollar to pay for it? Or how Nixon had to proclaim to the entire nation that his wife “doesn’t wear a mink coat, she has a respectable Republican cloth coat.”

Compare the austerity of George and Laura Bush to what we’ve seen out of the Obamas, in just less than 2 years.  Barry is trying to outdo JFK in glamour and glitz. Remember those concerts and poetry readings that Jack and Jackie held in the WH? The Obamas are sponsoring a monthly concert series of their own. The difference is that during the Kennedy years, our economy wasn’t in the dire situation it’s in today. Barry and Michelle are trying to recreate the Camelot atmosphere of the Kennedy years and they just aren’t pulling it off.

The extravagance of the Obamas will not play well this fall with the democrats who are trying to win or hold onto their congressional and senatorial seats. We have to vote these people out and that will send a resounding message to Barry – well, we can hope so, anyway.

40 years of Democrats and Unions created THIS Detroit and destroyed its schools

What was once a beautiful and vibrant city with fabulous architecture, has become a ghetto. It’s heartbreaking and sickening to see what was and now is Detroit and all at the hands of 40  years of statism.

Last summer the Detroit school board voted to close 23 schools and laid off 600 teachers. The city is depopulating and with that, student enrollment has shrunk from 140,000 in 1999 to 95,000 today – a 32% drop in 10 years.

A generation and a half of entitlements, union theft and mismanagement has taken its toll on the remaining population. They are a dispirited citizenry and their children’s school performance reflects that. Once again the state wants to step in and fix the problem by forcing parents – who receive state aide – to sign a contract requiring they become more active in their child’s education or be fined for not doing so.

After 40 years of taking personal responsibility away from the people, now they want to make people behave responsibly. Now they want to force parents to actually behave like parents or pay up. A little late in the game for that. These are parents who were raised on entitlements and affirmative action.

[State Rep. George Cushingberry, D-Detroit] wants to do something about the other parents, the ones who are too young, or who don’t read well enough to help their children. He is sensitive to those for whom poverty has been an obstacle.

“Poverty has been an obstacle” to these parents thanks to the do-gooder statists like Cushingberry and other democrats. They have kept Detroiters in poverty for the last 4 decades. As Ben Franklin once said, they have made poverty too comfortable and removed any incentive for these sad people.

This is the scary future that we face from the statist majority in our federal government. This could very well be the fate of all our big cities, our states and our schools.

Steven Crowder has a brand new video about Detroit, worth a watch, here. It’s a real eye opener.

GM wants more taxpayer money, but this time this time it’s not ours

According to Der Spiegel Online, GM is now in Europe with their thieving hands open.

In what is a “we’ve seen this movie before” routine, they want the EU to cough up nearly $5 billion dollars to keep its factories open. But unlucky for GM, in this age of instant news and globally shared economic understanding, the Germans are onto what it means to “bail out” the car company. They’ve seen how this has played out (and is still playing out) in America and are wisely not jumping in to see a repeat in Europe.

Closures and downsizing would hit Germany the hardest with 4 factories in the nation and nearly half of the European workers living in Germany.

While the factory doors may stay open, thousands of jobs will most certainly be lost, and Germany will take the brunt of the cuts. Speaking to reporters, Nick Reilly, temporary head of GM’s European operations, said that 9,000 jobs would be axed across Europe, with up to 60 percent of the cuts coming in Germany. That amounts to a 20 percent reduction in capacity, which is to be accomplished through downsizing plants rather than closing them entirely.

Certainly Chancellor Angela Merkel and the German government will be pleased to hear the news that the local plants will remain in operation. Of GM’s 50,000 workers in Europe, roughly half work in Germany. On Wednesday, Reilly said that Germany’s plants in Bochum, Eisenach, Kaiserslautern and Antwerp play a critical role in GM’s future.

Newspapers in Germany are saying exactly the same things American financial gurus have been saying since the U.S. take-over of GM last year: it will hinder or eventually kill off competitive corporations, GM is poorly managed and financially unhealthy and GM hasn’t done anything to guarantee its word in the past.

In a deja vu moment for Americans, German commentators are echoing exactly what we’ve have been hearing about GM and our government bail-out:

The Financial Times Deutschland writes: “The German government would do well to stay out of the Opel rescue. It should neither intervene on the behalf of individual factories nor should it send any money to GM. Opel is not a good candidate for assistance from the German Economic Fund (eds. note: a €115 billion fund to assist German companies ailing as a result of the financial crisis) because it doesn’t meet the fund’s stringent criteria. The car maker was not healthy before the financial crisis nor does GM currently have difficulties finding financing help. Even a tough restructuring problem would only lessen doubts about the survival prospects of Opel. It would not eliminate them.”

The conservative daily Die Welt writes: “Such announcements regarding job cuts are not worth much. They can be quickly changed should business not develop as expected…. They are primarily suitable for softening up government leaders. The message is: Give a few billion and things won’t turn out quite so badly.”

“Perhaps even worse would be the distortion of competition. Even now, one can imagine how the competition from the government-subsidized Opel models Astra and Insignia would make life difficult for Volkswagen, Daimler and others. When will politicians realize that their interventions produce far more costs than just the loss of billions in guarantees? If one looks at Opel’s history, there is only one possible answer to the question: obviously never.”

The center-right Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung writes: “What will happen next? General Motors has sent Nick Reilly to Europe to guide Opel into the future, as part of the parent company. He has no solid plans, but he has a long list of requests — for the German government, for the states where Opel plants are located and for the Opel employees. He wants them all to assist him with the restructuring of the car company — with taxpayer money or by withholding demands for pay increases. And signals that some aid may actually be forthcoming are already being sent by the politicians, who only days ago were the victims of General Motor’s deceit.”

“‘General Motors could also contribute,’ Reilly has said. How very kind. Opel — and the British subsidiary, Vauxhall — belong to General Motors. They do not belong to the German or British taxpayers. One can wish the company luck — but tax money should remain off-limits to Opel.”

The center-left Süddeutsche Zeitung writes: “For decades, GM lacked a clear plan and has had no clear strategy.… In June, for example, the company planned to close the Opel plants in Bochum and Eisenach. Today both of those plants have been guaranteed a future. This sort of back and forth doesn’t exactly encourage trust. State governors need to be careful in dealing with these sorts of managers — and they should refuse to support them financially. Otherwise they will simply trigger a cycle of subsidies that won’t guarantee jobs anyway.”

“No car manufacturer is in a position to guarantee jobs right now. The outlook for the auto industry, which continues to suffer from over supply, is simply too grim. In order to improve the industry’s outlook, factories must close. As such, there is absolutely no reason to assist a company by giving them billions of euros, just so they can keep those excess factories working.”

Washington Opportunist Scumbagging DickHeads…

in the words of The Great One, Levin:


Ya just had to see this coming.

Just when you think these guys can’t get any lower…

how much more corrupt and elitist can those politicians get?

About a year after Washington began its rescue of two Detroit automakers, so many federal officials want to attend the Detroit auto show that organizers have, for the first time, created a new credential specifically for those in government.

Requests for passes to the show are pouring in from members of Congress, the Department of Transportation and other agencies, Doug Fox, chairman of the 2010 North American International Auto Show, said today.

Taxpayers have provided more than $80 billion in aid to the auto industry. [I wish I could triple bold this line!]

When the show opens to the press, analysts and politicians Jan. 11, about twice as many federal officials are expected to be in attendance, wearing the new gray and silver passes. The Detroit auto show opens to the public Jan. 16.

With all of the interest from Washington, will President Barack Obama stop in to see how General Motors and Chrysler are using taxpayer money? [And this one too!]

At this point, it’s unclear.

“It’s certainly a possibility,” Fox said.

This is the kind of shit they are going to want us to drive.