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“Let’s stop that nonsense that if only the women were in charge, there’d be no more wars!”

This is from April 3rd. You’ve probably seen this guy on Fox and this is not the same cool, collected man I’ve seen on television in the past. Gerald Celente of Trends Research:

Terrifying video of things to come? from the National Inflation Association

I belong to the NIA email list and get updates from them regularly. Today I saw Beck mention this site on his show. I have posted videos from this site in the past, specifically MeltDown.

I kept wanting to stop and post at several points in this video until I heard the part about e-cigarettes. I had to stop it long enough to post.

I just bought these electronic cigarettes because we have a new baby coming into our home. Now, I understand from this video that the government is trying to make them illegal.

You want to  make some extra money recycling your plastic and aluminum? They will take your picture and make you sign documents. Planning a garage sale? Permits are required and you very well might get fined.

This is the most appalling video I’ve seen in ages.  It’s over an hour long, as you can see, but worth every minute of watching.

Much of this you already know or have already heard about, but it’s worth the watch. Gerald Celente of Trends Research is featured in this film. I’ve posted about him before.

Please watch, even if you have to watch it in parts. We should be very afraid.

Gerald Celente, trends forcaster

This from Dec. ’09:

This from Jan. ’10:

This is a must listen from last week on Brian and the Judge.

Celente’s website Trends Research Institute.

He’s predicted, accurately financial episodes for the last 20 years. I think he’s worth listening to. What he had to say last week on Brian and the Judge really kept me awake on the drive home from work. One thing he said and I’ve been hearing consistently from many in the financial and political sides is “I’m invested in gold.”

I”m investing in gold and silver – starting this month. Any little bit I have extra, I’m buying precious metals. I’m encouraging my kids to do the same thing. I do not believe that things are going to get better any time soon. And I’m worried about how much worse they will get.

If you go go YouTube and enter his name, there are numerous videos featuring Celente. Listen to him and research this. See what you think.