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Gay protestors cuff themselves to White House gates. Reporters herded away.

Police chased reporters away from the White House and closed Lafayette Park today in response to a gay rights protest in which several service members in full uniform handcuffed themselves to the White House gate to protest “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

People who have covered the White House for years tell me that’s an extremely unusual thing to do in an area that regularly features protests.

A reporter can be seen in the YouTube video above calling the move “outrageous” and “ridiculous.”

Ben Smith/Politico

The Super Bowl ad you won’t be seeing – The Live Feed | THR

Oh CBS, how did you not see this coming?

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It’s so stupid, it makes my head hurt!

In the event that you don’t know what this is about, I’m going to have a helluva time explaining it and you can read the whole article here at MotherJones.com.

New federal law called ENDA – Employment Non-Discrimination Act is on the horizon. The libs seem to think they have a good chance of seeing it pass. You know, on the surface, no one wants to see discrimination in the work place. If one merits a raise or a promotion, that person should get it, regardless of gender or color… yea?

Nevermind that.

This bill is about using the bathroom at work.

If you are a transgendered or transitioning female or male, you are allowed to use the corresponding bathroom. For instance, women who are working into the male thing can use the men’s restroom and vise versa.


we needed a law for this…