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Obama falls short and behind the guy in his pick-up

TheOne did no favors to Coakley yesterday when he flew in to stump for her and wow the crowd. He wowed nothing. First t hing he did was expound on the “Teddy Kennedy” legacy which right away brought to mind Scott Brown’s famous line (at 30 seconds on this clip):

“With all due respect. This is not the Kennedy seat, or the democrat’s seat. It’s the people’s seat.”

This is one of those spontaneous catch phrases that define and make a campaign. Brown’s campaign has been made.

TheOne then bragged on the prosecutorial record of Coakley. He said she was tough on criminals, putting CHILD RAPISTS behind bars. If I were on the Coakley team, I’d have been cringing about now. Her record as an AG? Read the 5 part series at BigJournalism.com by Gary Hewson to find out about her “illustrious” record as a prosecutor. About how she didn’t prosecute a cop who raped a 2 year old with a curling iron until the mother of the victim forced her to do something. Or how about her handling of pedophile  Father Geoghan’s child rape case?

Did TheOne really want to open that can of worms?

He admitted early on that he knew very little about Btown’s record but then spent most of his speech ridiculing the man who has stumped his entire state (until this weekend) in an own pick-up truck.

Brown has won this even if he never takes “the people’s seat” because he has provided much needed momentum and enthusiasm to the conservatives in this country, although he is not conservative by most standards. In a state like Massachusetts, what Scott Brown has done in the election cyle is nothing short of phenomenal.