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Iranian woman set for execution

Okay, now I’m really pissed off. This morning we read that the UN will be investigating US for human rights violations and tonight I read this at Fox.

What kind of president do we have here who would agree to put this nation  -and Arizona – on this UN review when you consider what’s happening in nations like Iran? What kind of human rights violations occur in this country that compare to stoning a woman, or for that matter, a gay person? Where is the outrage from the bleeding heart left about this poor woman’s impending, state sanctioned  murder?

If you’ve not seen the movie, The Stoning of Soraya M., please do see it. It can be rented at Netflix, among lots of other outlets. This should be required viewing for every friggin liberal in this country and every high school student, too. I had to cover my eyes more than once during this movie. If you think that The Kite Runner was a great view of Islam, then you (and I) were taken for a ride. Until I saw The Stoning of Soraya, and after I’d read The Kite Runner, I had this misconception that Islam might have some redeeming values.

I was misinformed.

These are barbarous people who should not sit at the same table with us. What kind of god or religion sanctions stonings and abuse of women and gays?

What kind of people turn a blind eye to this and keep pointing their fingers at their own countrymen while living in the greatest nation on Earth? We have a president who calls his own citizens enemies while this is occuring almost daily around the world. A president who bows to these barbarians and apologizes for us. A first lady who is more concerned about how many donuts we eat and has  no care in the world for the abuse of young women and gay men. A group of fugly women in NOW who are too busy endorsing misogynistic candidates like Jerry Brown to be bothered with the horrendous deaths of women around the world.

When do we say ENOUGH to all of this?

I’m not sorry for this rant. I’m angry.


Pray for the freethinkers this Christmas

It’s awful what we do to these freethinking atheists. They call the holidays an “onslaught,”  imposed on them by Christians.

Watching Laura Ingraham tonight, sitting in for Bill O’Reilly – yippiee, more Laura, please! – and her interview with this Annie Laurie somebody, co-something of this FFRF.org, was entertaining and interesting. Annie kept pushing that this was the winter solstice and “the real reason for the season.” Over and over she said this. And then she said that her kind do not believe in following with blind faith after ancient unprovable celebrations.

Okay. So who celebrated the winter solstice and why? And is this not an ancient celebration? The Druids honored the season and they did so at Stonehenge, several thousand years ago. Lots of ancient civilizations honored and celebrated this day and this season. In fact, when the Christians entered Ireland, they took over this holiday and assimilated it into the Christian holiday in order to more easily win over the hearts and souls of the pagan inhabitants.

There are modern day pagans who consider paganism a religion. And who consider the winter solstice a holiday. They even do drum dances by firelight and exchange gifts. Freethinkers are celebrating the exact same thing.

Aren’t these freethinkers really hypocrites? Aren’t they practicing a kind of religion of their own? Well, I think they are.

The message that there is no God but there is a Santa is another tactic that makes no sense. They insist that they only believe in provable things. Then why is Santa on a billboard? They don’t believe in indoctrinating children (with Christianity) but they are targeting children in this particular billboard!

These people really are a confused bunch.

Add them to your prayers this week. They need them.