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Working out of the funk

Arabian Nights: King of the Black Isles by Maxfield Parrish

I’ve had a week or 2 of “just too much.” Too much information and too many events that are too depressing, too frustrating, too sad that I just had to walk away from it all for a while. There are some things I can’t walk away from, in my personal life. But there are things in the news that make me want to cry or scream at the stupidity and callousness of people.

I hate neglecting my blog and I really hate neglecting the blogs of my fellow bloggers, although I know they understand all too well how we all get overloaded on occasion.

Everyone feels information overload now and then, especially in these days of instant news.

One thing that’s really getting under my skin is all this polling nonsense. I don’t want to see anymore polls about hypotheticals.  I don’t want to see anymore of those “if this person were running” what the outcome would be stats. If they’re not officially in the race, I don’t care. Let them do their own internal polling to decide if they should be in or not. In fact, it’s all too early to judge and we all have our own personal favorites. Intentional or not, this kind of polling news shapes the mood of the country.

I’m tired of the distortions and double standards in the news, primarily from the left. When will someone ask a democrat politician if he disavows Ed Schultz’ slut rant about Laura Ingraham? They ask the same stupid questions of republicans over anything that Rush Limbaugh says, although the worst I’ve ever heard Rush call a liberal woman is a FemiNazi. Why anyone should be expected to condemn the opinions of another is beyond me, but they do it all the time to republicans and conservatives. Why not ask a democat/liberal that same question?

What we see happening in the south with the flooded farmland and the tornado destruction is so heartbreaking. I don’t see the feds or the president in there doing a whole lot to help those people. Just a lot of lip service from TheOne. Most of those people, though would prefer that the feds stay out of their problems. They’d rather take care of themselves and their own. That’s the mentality of Americans in fly-over country. They are the originators of “YES WE CAN do it ourselves and better, thank you very much!”  And they do and will.

/rant over.

You know, I’d rather write about Maxfield Parrish. He’s one of my favorite artists/illustrators. My daughter was born on his 110th birthday.

Quote of the MONTH – Aaron Goldstein

from RedState.com

Scarcely a fortnight ago, Keith Olbermann was calling for Sarah Palin’s dismissal from politics.

Now Olbermann has been dismissed from the airwaves.

This is what we call poetic justice.

The American Spectator

I can hardly wait to hear what Rush and Levin have to say on Monday! And if Madcow, the DeadHeadEd and Matthews aren’t quaking in their boots, they’re just ignorant.

A wonderous thing – the internet

I learn so much and learn I’m so much out of touch, too.

Tonight I learned about the 99ers. Never heard of this bunch of people before tonight but they seem to be the current pet cause of Fat H-ED Schultz:

He’s so loved by these guys that they declared: Ed there is no other way to say it except: You are the bomb and you totally ROCK. Yeah, what a stink bomb he is, indeed.

(There is so much in his rant that I’d like to take up but I’ll save that for another blog.)

But not to be outdone, ABCNews is hosting a peace rally for them in Chicago on August 6th.

These folks do have one thing in common with the TEA partiers: They hate Pelosi and Reid. This means they have some redeeming qualities. And they have an election day countdown clock on their really ugly website. You mean to tell me that there’s not one unemployed web designer in this bunch?

What they want is an extension of unemployment because none of them can seem to find a job. They are blaming employers for hiring younger people. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) is blaming the Republicans for saying these 99ers are lazy and just don’t want to work.

I read some of the comments left on the page by the unemployed. Here’s a sampling:

I do not understand what is going on. They say in Texas, we have up to 93 weeks. I have not received any benefits since the end of march 2010. I started my original claim in February 09. That is not 93 weeks. In addition, back in march I had 1500 still left on the current claim, until TWC decided to say I was not eligible. Had to go through the appeal process finally after 2.5 months the appeal came back in my favor. I checked my account online and the website indicated that I had exhausted all my benefits. I have been using my credit card, thinking that I knew I was going to get the benefits when my appeal came back.

Brilliant. Use a credit card to live on because you’re thinking you knew you were going  to win an appeal and then charge like you’re dying tomorrow before you check your account. It’s no wonder you’re unemployed, you jackass.

What happened to the days where you could walk into any company and be hired, with minimal schooling and no experience. Currently, I have achieved the knowledge and have plenty of experience in the work force and still the road is gone for my continued future. Why don’t we start with a stimulus package to each American that puts a large amount into our pockets so that we may invest, hire, create our businesses and keep our homes. One lump sum to each American gives us the chance to start fresh and pursue of the American way. If we each had a turn to sing one song, make one video, we would be paid handsomely for our effort. But instead we are fighting for reasons beyond comprehension. Money makes the world mad. How would the world re-act if money was obsolete or if we were given a stimulus package of $100,000 per American? Oh wait, what the world is a much happier place! Were better off dead!…

Another very brilliant thinker. What kind of job is she talking about that requires minimal education and no experience? Wal-Mart greeter? Dining room swabby at Taco Bell? But oh! If she just had a chance to sing one song or make one video it would guarantee this person a handsome paycheck just for the effort? I do have to agree with her on one thing: We’d all be better off if the government had just stimulated us with all that money. I mean, if I have to see my unborn grandchildren buried in debt, I’d like to do it myself. I might be able to hide away some of that money for them.

Yes, money does make the world mad. Lack of money makes the world madder and brings out a lot of incoherent knuckleheads with computers. Interesting how these folks who are losing their homes and who just want to sing one song, can afford the internet, isn’t it?

But here I stumbled on a glimmer of common sense – I never said she was smart, though:

Congressman Harry Reid # 202-224-3542
Nancy Pelosi # 202-225-0100
Let’s Ask them What a Vacation Is?
Let’s tell them there going to have a Long Vacation come the Elections in November!

“I’d cheat to keep these bastards out”

MSNBC’s fat Ed Schultz From Gateway Pundit:

Now we have national talking heads promoting voter fraud. It was bad enough that we still have the Black Panthers, SEIU and ACORN actually doing it, with absolutely NO Justice Department response to federal criminal acts, now we have fat loud mouths on cable networks encouraging it.

The ends justify ANY means…