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Geert Wilder’s Video – Fitna

Be warned: these videos are graphic. The violence and barbarism is stomach turning.

Obama’s High crimes and Misdemeanors

Remember this? America has been arrogant, dismissive and derisive…

Now, who is being arrogant and dismissive? This administration and president refused the assistance of 13 nations in the first 2 weeks of this oil spill. Other nations, including even the UN, stepped forward and offered their equipment and expertize in this catastrophe. They were rebuffed and sent away. Not only did the Netherlands, Canada, France and Norway offer to help us but Croatia, for cryin’ out loud!

And we said “No thanks. We’ll handle things.”

A Belgian group–DEME– contends it can clean up the oil in three to four months with specialty vessel and equipment, rather than an estimated nine months if done only by the U.S.  The article noted there are no more than 5 or 6 of those ships in the world and the top specialist players are the two Belgian companies– DEME and De Nul – and their Dutch competitors.

The U.S. does not have the similar technology and vessel to accomplish the cleanup task because those ships would cost twice as much to build in the U.S. than in the Far East. The article further criticizes this “great technological delay” is a direct consequence of the Jones Act.

Our fellow Americans who live and depend on the gulf for their livelihoods are being sacrificed because this president is too arrogant, too all-knowing to accept the help and expertise offered by nations with the technology to fix this problem. Our wetlands, beaches and precious creatures are dying at the expense of this egomaniac in the oval office.
But we all know that no one is as smart as he is. No one is as omnipotent as the Great Obama:
If this is not some kind of malfeasance or misfeasance in office, I don’t know what is. But this behavior qualifies for both, as far as I understand the definitions.  And if what he’s doing doesn’t qualify as “high crimes and misdemeanors” against this nation, our land and people, then I’m a Chinese astronaut… a really, really pissed off Chinese astronaut.

Conservatives are the left’s scapegoat

The president, the self proclaimed “citizen of the world,” dropped into Denmark for 5 hours, made an I-me-mine speech, then jetsetted out and the left is blaming Bush and conservatives for an Olympic-sized loss?

This is called projection.

I didn’t care if Chicago won this thing or not, although news reports were that many Chicagoans were against it.

But once again, TheOne was told NO by the world and the left can’t accept that it could be his own fault. It couldn’t be that TheOne took for granted that he could just drop in and give a glittering speech and win on his charisma and teleprompter-eloquence. The world is watching him and the world leaders are finding him to be naive and inexperienced – exactly what the right said about him last year during the campaign. So far, he’s not shown that he can step up to the plate and dispell any of those reservations. In fact, his indecision on Afghanistan and his lack of substance on his own healthcare reforms only reinforce those opinions of him. And reports are that his world apology tour didn’t endear him to our allies (think Sarkosy here.)

So TheOne and his staff (Valerie) miscalculated and messed up in Denmark and somehow that translates that conservatives caused this embarrassing Olympic slap down.  We need to get used to this. The left won’t take any responsibility if anything goes south for this president. For the next 3 years, every failure or faultering by this president will be OUR fault.

Do liberals want to address this?

Obama’s Copenhagen trip wasn’t cheap

(AP) – 2 days ago

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s failed bid to bring the 2016 Olympic Games to Chicago cost more than a bruised ego.

Taxpayers shelled out probably $1 million or more for the president, his wife and others to fly to Copenhagen and back to woo members of the International Olympic Committee.

A 2006 congressional study pegged the cost of flying Air Force One at $56,518 an hour. The Pentagon recently said it cost $100,219 an hour to fly the huge, reconfigured Boeing 747 without Obama aboard. The Pentagon estimate included more costs for support needs, such as maintenance.

At those rates, the president’s 14-hour trip to Copenhagen and back cost about $790,000 to $1.4 million.

However, presidential travel requires additional spending, especially for security personnel and equipment. Also, first lady Michelle Obama and some administration officials traveled to Copenhagen at public expense ahead of the president.

The Copenhagen trip was not devoted entirely to the Olympics bid. Obama spent 25 minutes conferring with Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal, his top Afghan war commander. McChrystal had been in London for a speech, and he made the relatively short trip to Denmark to meet with Obama.

Malkin on Obama bringing home the gold

My first thought when I read that Obama was going to Denmark to do his Billy Mays pitchman routine was who in Obama’s circle will this benefit and how will it benefit them? I knew that it would just be a matter of time until someone with the right connections and information would be able to put it in perspective.

An illustrated guide: All the president’s Olympic cronies