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Media plants more praise on Mrs. Obama

from here and that dipshit (sorry to offend) Dana Milbank, but grab your barf bag first:

The first lady of the United States, dirt on her knees, then taught the children how to do “the rhubarb dance,” which consisted of wiggling fingers and casting a voodoo-like spell on the herb and chanting, “Grow, rhubarb, grow.” She then marched them rhythmically around the plot. “You gotta shake it!” she instructed.

She returned to the White House, but not before leaving the photographers and reporters with a final admonition. “Stay out of trouble,” she said. It’s something Michelle Obama has done exceedingly well.

Let’s not forget that the harvest last year from this famous garden was toxic and could not be eaten. They had to go out and buy “stand-in vegetables” (not unlike most of the actors in Hollywood now) for her big ol’ chef show.

And you do have to wonder: Who dresses this woman? Seriously.