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Okaaaaaay… the all time fun place to be: Daily Kos!

I need to update this story because I’m behind the times and didn’t pay attention to dates etc on his blog. This all occurred way back in August. Since then Lee has apparently found a home at HuffPo and with Tommy Christopher at his blog, DailyDose.


But it’s still an interesting and funny episode, just the same:

This guy, Lee Stranahan apparently wrote a pretty innocuous story about the John Edwards scandal that pissed off the powers-that-be at the Daily Kos.  He feels this is not a ban-worthy story but lo and behold! he was banned! And banned a couple more times.

The Kos is publicly censoring their commrades and when the opportunity arises, they resort to ridicule (calling Lee’s supporters trolls and sock puppets) to ostracize those not in lock step with the party line.

It’s a funny story and if  you have time to read Lee’s blog about it, you should find it as enjoyable as I did.