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ACORN folds? Sure. (insert rolley eyed emoticon here.)

This story is one of the best in illustrating media bias. It’s unbelievable how one sided this writer can make one of the biggest stories of ’09. I’m guessing that Ben Smith doesn’t know that ACORN employees are facing or have faced investigations and convictions in several states. And don’t be fooled. These guys never give up. There’ll be a new, different incarnation of these crooks. I also firmly believe that it was not congressional de-funding that stopped these folks. It was an informed populace who (thanks to Giles, O’Keefe and Breitbart) caught on to them and put a halt to their criminal behavior – as ACORN. There will be a new, shinier criminal front group emerging.  There’s just too much Tides Foundation and George Soros money behind them.

From Politico:

Acorn folds

The national group ACORN is folding, an official there, Kevin Whelan, said in an emailed statement:

The ACORN Association Board met on Sunday March 21 and approved a set of steps to responsibly manage the process of bringing its operations to a close over the coming months. These include:

* Closing ACORN’s remaining state affiliates and field offices by April 1st; and
* Developing a plan to resolve all outstanding debts, obligations and other issues.

ACORN’s members have a great deal to be proud of–from promoting to homeownership to helping rebuild New Orleans, from raising wages to winning safer streets, from training community leaders to promoting voter participation—ACORN members have worked hard to create stronger to communities, a more inclusive democracy, and a more just nation.

ACORN was always a very decentralized group, with a great deal of its activity and power concentrated in local chapters from New York to Arkansas — the strongest of which will survive. The collapse of the national group, though, reflects the impact of a conservative assault that never prompted any prosecutions.